Mrs. Houston's Math Newsletter

Accelerated Math


Due to my illness, I did not send a homework packet home this week. However, I encourage you to ask your child what they have been learning in Math! We have identified the value of the coins: penny, nickel, dime, and quarter. We have counted the coins, exchanged different coins for the same value, and added/subtracted coins. The class seems to really enjoy working with pretend money!

Next Week

Dear Parents,

Next week we will continue working with money! Students will be creating their own addition/subtraction word problems involving money. They will practice exchanging money with one another in a mock store. Students will also play various Valentine's Day themed Math games!

We are closing out on the first grade Math book and will have our test on Money the following week. Then we will have a cumulative review and a cumulative test on everything learned so far this year.

During the week of February 23, we will officially begin the 2nd grade Math curriculum. I know the students are going to be thrilled!

Have a great weekend!
Mrs. Houston