Tropical Rainforests


The largest tropical rainforests in the world are in the Amazon River Basin in South America, The Congo River Basin in western Africa, and throughout southeast asia. There are also smaller ones located in Central America, Madagascar, parts of India and more.


The climate in Tropical rainforests are wet and humid, with extreme temperatures ranging from 64-80 degrees Fahrenheit. The average rainfall can be up to 400 centimeters annually, which is one of the reasons why the climate in rainforests is so humid.

Types of Plants

The types of plants found in Tropical Rainforests are Bromeliads, Buttress Roots, Carnivorous Plants, Epiphytes, Lianas, Orchids, Strangler Figs, and much more. Different types of plants have a hard time living in the hot and humid climate and often cannot be supported.

Types of Animals

There are many types of animals found in the rainforest. Some include Jaguars, Orangutans, Anacondas, Tigers, Multiple species of frogs, Gorillas, and much more. Animals found in the rainforests, as well as plants, must be able to already survive the hot humid climate or adapt to be able to thrive off the land.