Egyptian Daily

By: Levi Pearson


Desalinization relates to this chapter because people in the Middle East didn't have much drinkable water, so they had to make it drinkable.

Growing Great Food!

Silt - Small particles of rich soil.... Silt relates to this chapter because Middle Easterners had to plant their crops in rich soil to have food, and silt helped grow their crops.

We're not trading with you...

Embargo - Order that restricts or prohibits trade with another country.... Embargo relates to this chapter because Middle Easterners ( if they had a dispute with another country) had to close off trade routes to another country.

How does the Suez Canal help people?

The Suez Canal helps sailors by letting ships pass between the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea. The Suez Canal also helps separate the Sinai Peninsula from the rest of Egypt

What are positive things about the Aswan Dam?

Well, one positive effect about the Aswan Dam is that it gives people control of the floodwaters. Another positive effect is that it helps farmers produce 2-3 types of crops a year!

What is Libya's oil money spent on?

Libya's oil money is spent on food, to build schools and hospitals, and to maintain a strong military
Men at work at the Aswan dam construction site across River Nile in Egypt. HD Stock Footage
"Drinking from the sea", explore how and why sea water is desalinated