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Education that nourishes mind, body and spirit!

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The Odyssey Program is a bridge from the security of the Challenge Program to the bright opportunities of the future! Odyssey allows your student to take bold new steps, with the support of the trusted Mentors and CC leadership, into self-reliance, self-assurance, and confidence! In partnership with Southeastern University, an accredited private, Christian university, The Odyssey Program provides the opportunity to earn 30 college credits in addition to the personal development program.
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This overview features the first-year and current-year Odyssey students and a great peek into all that the program has to offer. Contact a mentor for more information.

The 5 Aspects of the Odyssey Program...

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The Odyssey Program works in partnership with SEU to provide the academic development aspect of the program. The opportunity to continue at SEU after graduation and acceptance of FAFSA benefits are two more significant advantages of Odyssey!

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After the year with Odyssey and online classes, students have the opportunity to become traditional students at SEU in Lakeland, Florida. Check out life at SEU here!

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No matter the direction your student is headed, the Odyssey Program can help provide valuable skills, growth, and experience before they set off on their own personal odyssey!

Get To Know The Odyssey Program

Tuesday, May 31st, 1-2pm

This is an online event.

Please join us for an introduction to The Odyssey Program- the next step in the journey from Challenge to the opportunities of the future! This bridge program is an opportunity for all students who have a desire to learn, grow and pursue truth, beauty, and goodness in the next phase of their lives, whether they go on to seek degrees, trades, or entrepreneurship!

Learn all about the 5 aspects of this new program that make it truly unique in today's world of higher education. This opportunity is certainly preparation for the exciting journey ahead!

Email Jamie Pander at to RSVP and receive a Zoom link for the info meeting. There will be an overview of the program and an opportunity for Q & A.

More online information meetings will be added to the calendar throughout May. Please see the events calendar to RSVP for a later date. * THIS MEETING IS SCHEDULED FOR 1 PM EASTERN TIME *

Connect with Jamie Pander or Jamie Harmon, Odyssey Program Mentors

Talk with us about how the Odyssey Program can be a perfect fit for your new graduate!

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