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1 in 4

One in four women will lose a baby to miscarriage, stillbirth, SIDs or other pregnancy complications. It is estimated that 5,500 babies die each day due to pregnancy and infant loss. That means 5,500 women...EVERYDAY suffer the greatest loss imaginable. As a mother myself, this breaks my heart. With October 15 being pregnancy and infant loss awareness day, I have been inspired! So many wonderful women I know have posted on their facebook pages that they are the 1 in 4. They are brave and open their hearts to share their stories and babies with the world. To honor their babies and support these women, I am staring a "Lockets to Remember" campaign. Please read the information below, and if you can help me honor these women and babies, thank you! If you can not help financially at this point, please send up extra prayers for women and families suffering with a pregnancy or infant loss. thank you!
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Lockets to Remember

What is a Locket to Remember?

- mini silver locket with crystals

- 16" silver chain

- baby footprint charm (blue for boys, pink for girls)

- swarovski crystal (blue for boys, pink for girls)

Who will receive a Locket to Remember?

- non profit organization (most likely Footprints Forever)

- to be distributed to women who enter their clinic for support after a loss

How to help?

1-take time to send up extra prayers for women and families who have experienced the loss of a child. Pray for peace and comfort.

2- donate money to help purchase the lockets. Wholesale cost of each locket is $33.88 (includes tax). Any amount is appreciate and will be used for lockets!

3- place an order on my website and enter jewelry bar code: 180458. The hostess rewards earned for this Jewelry Bar will be used to purchase additional lockets!!

3- copy and paste the link to this flyer and SHARE! Email, facebook, instagram, text, phone calls...anyway you can share and help gain support is appreciated!

4- designers- for my Origami Owl sisters- feel free to share this with friends and family as well, collect funds and purchase lockets as well. I can come pick them up from you to donate:)

5- take time to send up extra prayers...yes, i repeated this step because it is truly the most important.

Thank you!

Where to Donate?

1-Paypal (as a friend to avoid fees): in the note sections, please write "lockets to remember"

2-Checks/cash- call me to arrange delivery/pickup (i am in the process of moving and i don't want checks being lost in the mail) 909-702-1587

3- Designers- call me to arrange pick up 909-702-1587

Thank you!