Renovation Updates

Fielder Elementary

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Dear Fielder Community,

Our renovation will be in full swing beginning December 21 at 1pm. Here are some physical changes you will notice:

*The exterior brick will begin to be removed on portions of the building. The brick is not load bearing and the building will still be weather proof and safe for students.

*There will be significant digging occurring in the playground area. The team will be working on underground storm drainage and utilities. In addition, they will be working on preparations for the fire lane drive.

*The ‘exit’ in the front drive may be temporarily closed during the break. This will depend on available workers and MUD district availability. A portion of the lane will be dug up to work on the drainage system. Drive will be open in time to welcome students back from Winter Break.

*Two more portables will be moved to a new location. We are NOT adding additional portables, simply relocating the existing portables. Currently the portables are sitting in the future fire lane site.

*Recycle bins will be relocated to the small circle drive area. We will be using the area they are currently located for storage and building material accessibility.

Due to the construction beginning immediately after dismissal on December 21st, the campus will be closed for Winter Break starting at 1pm on December 21st.

We are asking that parents and neighbors not use /access the Fielder Playground during the break. Our construction team will be digging, moving portables, and delivering construction material thus making the playground unsafe for use. The playground will be ready for student use by January 8th when students return to campus.

Future changes:

*Beginning May 1, we will no longer allow parent/visitors during lunchtime. Our parent/visitors table in the cafeteria will be removed in order to provide space for the serving line. Work on our cafeteria kitchen will begin May 1st and in order to continue to provide lunch to students, we must move the serving line into the cafeteria area. Without removing parent tables, there will not be enough room for all our students.

*Beginning after Spring Break, some classes may need to be relocated temporarily in order to work on HVAC or roofing work. If your child’s class will be affected, their teacher will reach out to you with more information.

Thank you for being patient and understanding during our renovation! Our entire staff is working hard to ensure the renovation does not impede student learning. We will continue to provide you with updates throughout the process.

Thank you,

Mona Salinas


Fielder Elementary