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March 31, 2021

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Please remember it’s a short week and there is no school on Friday, April 2.

Mr. B's Corner

Lighthouse Families,

We have reached the hopeful time of the year when the lake ice recedes, daffodils poke through the earth, and temperatures vary greatly each day. We have already seen 74 degree days here in the metro, but this morning newscasters were still using “feels like” when describing temperatures that were below zero in the northern third of the state. As students arrived this morning we saw students dressed for the weather we have and those, hopeful students, who dressed for the weather they wished we had! Please continue to remind your child(ren) to dress for the weather we have because we go outside for our breaks and lunch whenever we are able. Although today is cold, this weekend promises to be sunny and warm. Get out and enjoy the beautiful spring weather!

This week has been fun to touch base with students about their inquiries. Just imagine all the questions these students can dive into. Better yet, try to devise some big questions, as a family, utilizing the tools of Depth and Complexity. It is also great fun to imagine where each of these broad topics may narrow.

  • Japanese Kimono
  • Animal Cruelty and Testing
  • Greenday
  • Origami
  • Natural Selection
  • Communism
  • Reptiles
  • Northshore
  • Snow
  • Seven Wonders of the World
  • Lightning
  • Dark Ages in the West, Renaissance in the Arab World
  • Maple Syruping: I think it is fun to imagine someone thinking, “hmm, sap, let’s boil it!”
  • Whitetail Deer and Chronic Wasting Disease
  • History of Electricity: Tesla V Westinghouse
  • Genetics of Taste
  • Subliminal Messaging, the Internet, and Nostalgia
  • The Changing American Dream through an International Lens

The Maple Syruping inquiry touched close to home as I spent last weekend in a sugar shack in northern Wisconsin watching clear sap become amber gold over the course of a few days. A friend of mine shared the tapping process, the collecting process, the boiling process (including knowing when the sugar content is just right), and the bottling process. It was fun for me, but I suspect my friend was just looking for some free labor and company while watching sap boil!

As always, thanks for entrusting your child(ren) to Lighthouse School for Gifted and Insatiable Learners,


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Second free meal pick-up location now available for families

Centerview Elementary School has been added as a second location for families who participate in the free meal pick-up program. Spring Lake Park High School continues to be a pick-up location. As a reminder, free meals are available to all children in our community ages 1-18.

At Spring Lake Park High School, free meals are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-10 a.m. at door #33. On Tuesdays, families will receive two-days’ worth of meals. On Thursdays, families will receive three-days’ worth of meals.

At Centerview Elementary School, free meals are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:30-10:30 a.m. at the front entrance of the school. On Tuesdays, families will receive two-days’ worth of meals. On Thursdays, families will receive three-days’ worth of meals.

When you arrive at these locations, please stay in your vehicle as the meals will be delivered directly to you.

Questions? Contact Jane Sweney, SLP Nutrition Services Program Assistant at or 763-600-5041.

Concurrent Students: SLPHS Support and Extended Time (SET)

LH students taking an in-person SLPHS course this term have access to Support and Extended Time (SET) in their SLPHS courses. This time (8:10-8:40 a.m. M, T, TH, F) is set-up to give students extra time for tutoring, test-taking, and help sessions. It is an academic support time. To sign-up for this time, in-person concurrent students can utilize “Responsive Scheduler” in Campus. They will log-in the week before they wish to utilize SET. Additionally, SLPHS teachers can assign a student to SET.

As we are still working to maintain cohorts during the pandemic, LH in-person concurrent students will only have access to attend academic sessions hosted by their SLPHS teachers and may not take advantage of open study spaces. Likewise, LH concurrent students will not have access to SLPHS Wednesday afternoon sessions as they have Lighthouse obligations.

LH in-person concurrent students ONLY need to utilize “Responsive Scheduler” IF they are planning on attending a session hosted by their SLPHS teachers.

  • Concurrent students are expected to still check-in at Lighthouse before heading to SET in the morning.
    • Check-in with Ms. Dougherty
    • Check-in with your advisor
  • Students are expected to be at LH if they are not signed up for and attending an SLPHS SET.

MCA Testing

State testing – MCAs: In the spring, students across Minnesota take the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA). Students in grades 3-8, 10 and 11 take these tests. The tests measure how well schools are doing in advancing state standards for reading, math, and science. This year, we are being required to administer the tests in person, and we will do so in April and May. Families with students in the identified grades, received a message earlier today with more information about the tests and the process to opt-out if you choose.

Physical Education and Health Update

Physical Education and Health will begin next week!

This trimester the students that have chosen the in-person learning model will be participating in Phy Ed classes at school.

This is aligned with the recommendations from the Minnesota Department of Health updated on 3/26/21:

  • Physical education classes may continue to be held indoors outside of individual classrooms so long as students and staff are wearing face coverings.
  • Whenever possible, hold physical education and music classes outside and encourage participants to spread out. Consider using visual cues to demonstrate physical spacing.
  • Face coverings must be worn when engaging in indoor physical activity (e.g., during indoor recess, indoor physical education class, or when exercising in a gym).

We will be holding classes outside whenever the weather permits. Please send an extra mask or two to school with students on the days that they have Phy Ed class as they can become wet and uncomfortable when exercising.

  • Grades 1-4: Tuesdays and Fridays
  • Grade 5: Tuesdays
  • Grades 6-8: Fridays

Students that have chosen the EFL learning model will continue to have Phy Ed asynchronously through Schoology.

Health will continue to be held asynchronously through Schoology for all students in Grades 1-8.

PE Take-Home Bags

  • In-person students: PE take-home bags (including pedometers) should be returned to school. (Arrange a time with Ms. Dougherty for drop-off.)
  • EFL students: Keep PE take-home bags at home until the end of the year.

Please contact me if you have any questions!


Ms. Hunt

Report Cards

Lighthouse Report Cards will be available, once again, utilizing Parent Portal. Please view the linked tutorial should you need a refresher on accessing Parent Portal. For further tech support, please email or call 763-600-5555.

The deadline to order the Lighthouse yearbook is April 2

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Interested in learning more? SLP Schools Online expands to K-12

Spring Lake Park Schools is expanding its 13-year-old online school from grades 9-12 to all grade levels for the 2021-2022 school year. A year of learning through the pandemic has created an interest in the next phase of our Spring Lake Park Schools approach to online learning.

Students who choose SLP Schools Online will cover the same concepts as their in-school peers but tailored to an online environment. The focus is on helping students develop both academic and life competencies aligned to state standards. Learning advocates (SLP teachers) are connected to each learner to help guide and support the learning.

Read more about SLP Schools Online K-8 and 9-12 learning models. Interested or have questions? Please complete this brief interest form. We’ll be hosting information sessions in the coming weeks for families who express interest in SLP Schools Online as an enrollment option for 2021-2022. Student and family interest will guide next steps.

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Congratulations Elizabeth!

At the beginning of March we shared that Elizabeth Levinshteyn was advancing to the Minnesota State Science Fair for her submission; “Testing, Testing: Developing an All-Strain-Inclusive Test for SARS-CoV2.” Today, we are thrilled to announce that Elizabeth did extremely well and was awarded the following prizes:

  • Middle School State Gold Award (The top 5% of projects presented at SSEF Projects are ranked according to judge scores and the competitiveness of the category in which students present.)
  • 3M Innovation Award: First Place Middle School (3M seeks to recognize projects applied to real-life situations where students are trying to improve the world around them. 3M values resourcefulness, quality, professionalism, creativity, and, of course, innovation.
  • Beckman Coulter Foundation Second Place Middle School Science Project (These awards recognize excellence in science and engineering.)

Additionally, Elizabeth has been invited to apply for the Broadcom Masters Award by competing in a National STEM Competition!

We are very proud of Elizabeth’s efforts and successes. Please join us in congratulating Elizabeth!

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