French Culture: Martinique

By: Maya Jean Milner

Music and Dance

Much of Martinique's music and dances originate from the first African slaves that were brought there to work on the fields. The African music and culture is still prevalent today. The internationally known zouk dance even originates from Martinique.


Carnival is a famous celebration that takes place in french-speaking cities around the world. Martinique celebrate Carnival the week before lent, ending the celebrations at midnight on Ash Wednesday. Carnival consists of extravagant parades, dances, food, and costumes, with specific events for each day during the week.


The people of Martinique speak French. But because of their very diverse culture, they also speak Creole, which is a mix of french and African languages with some Spanish, English, and Portuguese words.


Martinique is home for the famous colorful fishing boats. They attract many people because of their racing and their beautiful painted designs.