Gone but not forgotten

By: Mario Infante

July 5th

It was July, 5, on a hot afternoon it was about 2 o’clock I had just woken up from a nap that I usually took around that time. It was quite around nothing but the faint sound of the air conditioner and the ceiling fan. No one was in the house but me and my dog; my parents had left to the grocery store to pick up the groceries for the week. I turned on the television to watch my afternoon cartoons. My dog Max was begging and whining to let him out so he could about his business. I didn’t bother to listen to the sound of his whining till it got to the point where he was hitting the door with his paw it was then when I got up and walked over to the door slowly opening it slowly like almost teasing him. I opened the door and he darted out the door like he was running for his life. I went back to the couch and let him take his time. I was watching my cartoons and I wasn’t worried about my dog, because he usually comes right back to the door and pushes the door with his paws and makes the noise not so much as a whining but like a noise that only he did when he wanted to go back into the house.
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I was on my third 30 min cartoon when it came to me that he had not come back to the house. I checked outside I couldn’t see him at the footstep where he usually sits and waits till someone opens the door for him. I was getting worried and I was kind of puzzled on why he hadn’t come back, so I went out and went to look for him I was searching for him till my parents came home I called for him for like thirty minutes or so, but I just couldn’t find him anywhere
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On the look

I circled the neighborhood like five plus times. I called my parents to help me look for him but we had no look that whole night time from 4:30 to 7 o’clock I was really worried.

Trying to stay positive

Me and my parents we tried to stay positive about what had happened to our dog, so many thoughts raced into my mind and most of them weren’t good thoughts, but I still tried to keep my head up and believe that he was ok and that he would be here tomorrow morning at the footsteps of our house waiting for someone to open the door and let him in

The next morning

The next morning, I shot up out of my bed and egger to go open the door and hoping that he would be there, but sadly he wasn’t there. I went out again that same morning this time without my parents knowing or telling them where I was going hoping I would find him. I was searching and searching and then I saw something laying in the gutter at first it looked like a really big skunk, but then I began to creep up closer and I saw little brown patches on its back and there I saw was my dog Max laying in the gutter on the side of the street. I rushed over there and I broke out in tears as soon as I saw him lying there. I ran all the way home covered in tears I barged into the house yelling and telling my parents to follow me; they followed me all the way where he was lying.

Saying goodbye

My mom came up with the idea to bury him in the backyard with all of his things. That whole day we spent making a big enough hole to bury him we buried him in his bed with a blanket covering him and all of his toys around him. After all of this had happened I was sad that he passed away but happy that we did this wonderful thing for him. He was the best dog I could ever ask for. He will always be remembered by the whole family he’s gone but not forgotten.
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