Immigration to Australia

Australia the place to be...

Fellow Americans... We do Welcome you to Australia

Now if your thinking of moving to Australia well first of all your pretty smart because that means you want a, better education for your children, beautiful accommodation, stunning beaches to swim and play at every day and unlimited food in every shopping centre. And plenty of jobs to choose from! for Woman not that same old clean the house clean the house again this is get out of the house and earn money!... just like a man.

Is America the Place to be?

Ask these questions to yourself, what kind of jobs are you offered now? Are you making enough money for your family to live on? Is it enough to keep a roof over their heads? And is where your family living safe for everyone? Now you have thought about these questions do you really think were you are living is a safe and economical enough for you family to grow up in? In Australia we have, many well payed jobs, beautiful beaches, stunning accommodation, a safe environment and sensational foods. So next time your thinking about the safety of your family think of Australia and how moving here might change your lives forever.


William Jones

Sunday, Aug 2nd 1959 at 11:30am

Sydney, South Hurstville NSW

Hi I am William, Im one of many that moved to Australia. A few weeks ago I left America because my Mother wanted to go back to her hometown. She worried as I grew older that I would struggle finding a suitable job that would support my family. When we moved to Australia everything changed my Mother had a wide range of jobs which is good because my Father was not here to help. I didn't even have to work, In Australia there are many beautiful beaches and accommodation but where I lived in America everyone was quite poor and there wasn't nearly as many people! I think to all those people holding back because you may be scared of what you'll find, don't be scared start a safer life in Australia

America is such a wonderful place and many people just moved to Australia because of family problems or wanting a different environment!

This is around the time my Grandfather had left America
America in the 1950s

Thank you hope you enjoyed!