Welcome To The Cell

It is the best amusement park in town


The mitochondria is responsible for giving energy to the cell.It is made out of proteins it has an outer and inner layer membrane. The mitochondria is located inside of the cytoplasm. on the mitochondria it is a roller coaster you start off going straight and then you hang upside down for about 30 secounds.
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On the cytoplasm it helps get rid of waste and aids it also helps reverse glucose into energy.It is located right next to cell wall it is made with water,ions,molecules,and protein . On the cytoplasm it is a water slide you go on the ride with a water tube.

Cell Membrane

On the membrane it protects the cell from it's surrounding. On this ride you will drops down a water slide you sit on the tube and slide down and spin in a cirlce.


The nucleus is the most important part of the animals cell it is located in the middle of the cell. On the Nucleus you can go on the roller coaster


The Ribosome gives the cell protein, you can swim in the pool. The ribosome is found on the endoplasmic recticulum.
Eukaryopolis - The City of Animal Cells: Crash Course Biology #4