Be apart of Motor Club of America/ Work From Home


Greetings ! MCA is hiring & it's no scam no fraud...all you have to do is sign up with $40 & get paid $80 each person you sign up(No lie) !

**READ** through and do your own research because might be skeptical so youtube, google, or whatever it and if your serious about changing your lifestyle get back to me.

We are Associates referring people to sign up for memberships with Motor Club of America. For each person you sign up, you're paid $80. Sign up 5 people per week, $1600/month. Sign up 1 person per week, $320 per month. Sign up 20 per week, $6400 per month, all depends on what you do.

To become an Associate with MCA you are required to have the company benefits yourself. The membership includes over 20 benefits such as discounts on hotels, coupons, hospital/medical/prescription discounts, attorney discounts, roadside assistance, and so many more. This safe PDF shows our membership

Here is a video presentation of what the company is, and how they pay: v=hbF0aBuVUkI

After you watch that you will understand how this works.

The same way that you see me promoting this on Facebook, is the same way you will promote it. We have a support group on Facebook, as well as live weekly conference calls that explain this business to new people. (They are also recorded, should you ever miss them)

You don't have to market/advertise this the way that you see me doing it if you don't wish to. When you start getting those checks in the mail growing weekly, that's going to be your advertisement & proof that this works. Simply post it on Facebook, & watch everybody flock to you. You won't have to pay it forward for people anymore... they will happily pay $40 to get in to see the same result, then all you have to do is copy/paste the same thing I just shared with you. SIMPLE!

Your probably skeptical so look it up YouTube, google, etc.

You are paid every Friday by either direct deposit or paper check in the mail, your preference.

You can watch these videos that shows proof of everything I have said: plcp

MCA is just like AAA but has a lot more benefits. We work 100% online, no cold selling, no products to keep on hand.

If you don't buy the package, you will not get paid ! When you're ready, go to this link: CLICK ON THE GREEN " GET STARTED" link (the first option) . Make sure it says my name "Devetrius Murray"on the top right corner of the page. Also make sure you see my associate ID# 11698020 ( you may want to write it down) But my picture will be at the top right corner. Checkout, register and become an associate. Make sure you see your receipt at the end.

*********please feel free to call me if you have any other questions at 203-632-5909

Let's make some money !!!!!

Become your own Boss

You base your own hours. This is your Career...