Borden Chantry Playlist

By Louis L'amour


The songs I have chosen are some country songs because this book is a western book about problems in the cow towns back then.

Song 1- Buy Me A Boat by Chris Janson


Borden Chantry is the sheriff of a cowtown in the west. He doesn't want to be, but his ranch was foreclosed on, so a jobless Chantry took the job. It doesn't pay well, and he wishes he had enough money to live well.

Song 2- Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys by Waylon Jennings


Borden Chantry is a married man with one son. When several murders occur in the little town they live in, his wife wants to move over to the east. She doesn't want her son growing up in a town full of danger. However, Borden assures her that the town will be safe once he finds who is murdering these people.

Song 3- Won't Back Down by Johnny Cash


When Borden Chantry figures out who the murderer is, he has to go find him. The killer is out of town by then, and he has hired a bounty hunter to kill Chantry. However, Chantry is determined to get the murderer, and he won't back down from anyone, even the most well known bounty hunter in the west.

Song 4- The Cowboy Rides Away by George Strait


At the end of the book, Chantry finds the killer and brings him to justice. He had to kill him and Chantry had considered the killer a friend at one point. He is in a different town and has a long ways to go to get home. He is sad, and at the end, the cowboy literally rides away.