Mount Holly Elementary

One Team, One Dream…October 19-23 Weekly Update

Curriculum Connections

  • Thank you for your hard work with your SLOs/GBEs and your efforts with Canvas and using the tool for communication and instructional purposes. Your hard work does not go unnoticed!
  • Mrs. Simpson will hold two additional Running Record Refreshers before the Proficiency Task on October 27. The dates are October 19 at 2:45 and October 21 at 2:45.
  • How are we integrating across the areas including Special Areas, Instructional Specialist, and Classroom Teachers?

Think About It...

Football is football and talent is talent. But the mindset of your team makes all the difference.

--Robert Griffin III


  • Thank you to everyone who helped to make our Fall Carnival a success. A big thank you to Ms. Hardin and Mrs. Watts for organizing It's the Great Pumpkin, Mount Holly.
  • Congratulations to Mrs. Varnadore who is being recognized at Monday's board meeting as an Employee of Excellence.

Monday, October 19

  • Kindergarten to Black's Farm

Tuesday, October 20

  • Mindset Book Study-2:45 in Media Center

Wednesday, October 21

  • None

Thursday, October 22

  • Child Study
  • Read for the Record Day-Not Norman
  • Diamond Del visits 3rd grade
  • Dessert Bar during lunch times for everyone who gave their "time" to assist with the Fall Carnival

Friday, October 23

  • 2nd grade to Downtown Rock Hill
  • Hospitality Caramel Apple Bar

Future Dates

October 26

  • Red Ribbon Week-October 30
  • 4th grade to swimming
  • Report Cards Go Home

October 27

  • Faculty/Staff Breakfast by Outbreak Church
  • 3rd grade to Brattonsville
  • 4th grade to swimming
  • Running Record Proficiency Task in Media Center-2:45
  • Specialist Meeting across the district-3:00

October 28

  • Faculty/Staff Breakfast by Outbreak Church
  • 3rd grade to Brattonsville
  • 4th grade to swimming
  • Mustang Roundup Goes Home

October 29

  • 3rd grade to Brattonsville
  • 4th grade to swimming
  • Terrific Kids Write-Ups Due
  • Student Art Show at Center for the Arts-6:00

October 30

  • 3rd grade to Brattonsville