3-D in Photoshop!!!

Brooke Sherrell

Why 3-D?

Last year in yearbook, we also did an independent study project. I chose painting in photoshop as my topic. So last year, I promised myself I would explore the 3-D section of photoshop. So, I did. When I grow up, I want to be a 3-D animator, so I believe this was a good first step towards my goal.

Before We Begin...

I just want to state that there were some complications in the process, causing my major project and another smaller project to be deleted. Due to the circumstances, I only have two things to show off today.

Bubble Letters

This was the first mini project I chose. I chose this project because I could get a feel for how the 3-D interphase worked.

Despicable Me Balloon!!!

This was the fourth and last project of mine. By looking at a picture, I replicated the blimp that was flying around a couple months ago. I did copy the paint over from the picture itself, but the color it a bit off.