THS Good News! Week of Nov 30

A week full of sports, field trips, and learning!

Countdown to Craziness, the basketball fundraiser, happened on Tuesday, December 1st. Ms. Preston's Business Essentials kids went to the Federal Reserve. They enjoyed the trip and learned a lot. We got to tour the Money Museum, watch a video on the history of the Federal Reserve system, and took part in a budget simulation. The kids liked the simulation so much they asked to play it more back at school.

Countdown to CRAZINESS!! Basketball teams fundraiser!

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THS Fine Arts Calendar ROCKS!

The kids wanted to create this. Thanks, Ms. Darpel for creating this with the kids help! This is all about the kids!

The Federal Reserve Field Trip with Ms. Preston's business kids!

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Classroom candids

Senior ELA Coat of Arms projects in Ms. Spiegel's classes!