Lost Emotions

Vanessa Garcia


What is depression? Depression is a disorder by persistent sadness, idleness, and makes thinking and concentrating difficult. It can also affect appetite, the time that someone sleeps, feelings of rejection and even suicide thoughts. This affects both men and women, 25% of women and 12% of men. Depression can be caused by the loss of someone or some thing important. There are many different forms of depression, there is a minor form of depression called Dysthymia which can last up to two years. There is also Bipolar Disorder this disorder has a period of madness and major depression. There are ways to treat depression such as antidepressants and psychotherapy.

Depression Then

During the 1940's and 1960's the research for depression was just starting and developing treatments. During that time antidepressants had been created to treat, doctors also used Stimulants with other medications to treat depression when the other medications were not working, they used them with other medications because the stimulants caused a "high and rush" on the people that is why stimulants were addictive drugs. There was also a kind of therapy called Electroconvulsive used to treat people who suffered from depression this treatment was based of electric current passed through the brain to produce "controlled convulsions" this was not used for anyone who had depression only for those who were not making an improvement using the medications. This therapy showed improvement within 1 to 2 weeks.

Depression Now

Depression now can be treated different ways and maybe same ways as long ago just differently or improved. There are antidepressants that were improved and new ones too, there also experts such as physicians and mental health professionals that help with the treatments. There are also psychotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. These improved methods help a lot of people with depression.

Depression in "Of mice and men"

In this novel, there were several characters that probably suffered from depression such as Crooks, Curley's wife, and Candy. Crooks was a colored man and during this time, 1930's the people didn't associate with them, therefore he was alone. He didn't sleep in the same place as the rest of the workers, he didn't friends nor family, he had to live with that and find ways of forgetting about his loneliness which at times just didn't work. Curley's wife even though was married she felt alone, she was to be at home all the time and do her role as a wife but she didn't like that because she didn't have anyone to talk to. She felt regret for not being able to be what she wanted, she would be able to do so many things but she didn't, the only people she could talk to were the workers. Candy was an old man who also didn't have any one else but his dog, his dog was old and didn't do much, one of the workers ended up killing him and so then Candy lost the only thing he had, he felt terrible after it was done. Not only them three were lonely but during this time period many workers traveled to different places for jobs and didn't have anyone else.