Putting Your Best Face Forward!

Amanda Pomeroy's May '16 Rodan + Fields Newsletter

Happy Spring Time!

May is "Skin Cancer Awareness Month" - this month's newsletter is dedicated to all things Sun Protection and how to REVERSE any damage that's been done...

If you're not wearing sun screen: it's time! Sun damage ages your skin even MORE than wrinkles! And it's PREVENTABLE! All four of our regimens come with an SPF and we have a fantastic Body Sunscreen (SPF 30) that smells amazing!

Remember: you need at LEAST 2 Tbs of sunscreen for the exposed parts of your body (or 2 ounces) and at LEAST a nickel sized amount for your face. Don't be cheap with the sunscreen!

Have a safe and beautiful summer!

With love,


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Diversification + Joy + Great skin = Yes, Please!!

"For anyone who values financial security and ultimately desires financial freedom, creating at least one additional stream of income is no longer a luxury. It has become a necessity." -Hal Elrod, Entrepreneur Magazine

I like that quote - but I don't believe there's any ONE way to get anywhere. Is it 'better' to have multiple steams of income? Probably. But it depends on what they are. You can have 15 streams of income - but if none of them are fun or fulfilling, who cares? Now you're financially free and miserable. Congratulations?

I started a side business with R+F because I wanted to build something of my own vs. only working for other people. But this is also FUN for me and that's a requirement! I get to do this with some of my best friends - I love the products, I believe in the brand and I knew I'd be spreading the word - and with this company I get paid for it!

A financial choice only becomes a truly WISE choice if it also brings you joy.

If you're considering adding a (JOYFUL) extra stream of income - let's talk. Most of you reading this are already happy Preferred Customers - if you're interested in earning a Happy Extra Pay Check - I'd love to show you how to become a consultant!

It's Not What You See, It's What You Don't See...

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Eighty percent of your skin’s aged appearance is caused by the sun, not the passage of time. The damage caused by UV exposure is not only visible on your face, but lurks under the skin’s surface, making your complexion appear dull, sallow, uneven and aged. Much of this evidence of environmental aging is visibly reversible.

The Rodan + Fields® REVERSE Regimen is a simple, full-face solution that tackles the damage brought on by years of cumulative sun exposure. The REVERSE Regimen exfoliates dulling dead skin cells, visibly lightens unwanted pigmentation, brightens the overall complexion, and provides broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection, noticeably improving the appearance of environmentally-aged skin.

Skin Cancer Survivor and R+F Success Story...

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This is my friend Shawna's mother. She was diagnosed with squamos cell carcinoma on her face last December.

Once surgery was completed and the stitches were removed she used the Reverse Regimen and eventually added in the Amp MD Roller (just 60 seconds a night).

These are her beautiful results after a mere 3 months!


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"I'm a high school PE teacher as well as coach so I'm always outside. 90 days of Reverse and 30 days of AMP MD have changed my skin in only ways I can SHOW YOU!!! I don't have makeup on in either photo and its early morning outside. I started using Rodan and Fields products to look good in my wedding photos which is only 30 days away. I LOVE these products and I know you will too!"

- Victoria, R+ F Consultant

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"I found this picture of myself at a wedding in 2001. WOW. Since childhood, I've always envied the clear, bright, even-toned complexions my friends had. They weren't covered in freckles, had no explosion of dark spots to fear when the sun reared its ugly head. I didn't like going to the lake or pool, because I KNEW what the sun would do to my face.

Up until a couple of years ago, I honestly believed I was a FFFL (freckle face for life).Then I started my R+F business, and started using the products day and night. First I used the REDEFINE regimen, which has taken years off of my face and will continue to keep me looking younger than my age. Then I incorporated the REVERSE regimen, which cleared up a TON of freckles, melasma from 2nd pregnancy, and dullness. The skincare tools and eye cream dramatically increased my results!"

Paige, R+F Consultant

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"I used the Rodan+Fields Reverse Regimen in the morning, Redefine Regimen at night, and our Amp MD Roller."

Shannon, R+F Consultant