Kingston Jamaica

This Is My Town


West of Haiti and Absolute location is 17.9833 North, 76.8000 West.


Some Physical Characteristics are It is near an ocean and there are a lot of trees.

The Climate is on average 74 degrees fahrenheit- 90 degrees fahrenheit, 62% humidity and it is warm through out the year.

Animals that live here are Coneys, Sea Cows, Parrots, and Yellow Snakes.

Plants that grow here are Ferns, Orchids, Blue Mahoe, and Lignum Vitae.

The Population is dense. They live along the ocean or in the city. They dance, sing, do arts, and write. Some jobs for Jamaicans are Inventory Clark, Financial Advisor, and Area Manager. The Official speaking language of Jamaica is Jamaican English and 64% of Jamaica is English.


What we use in America.

They eat Green Bananas and Ackee and Salt Fish.


It is nice weather and nice beaches.

It is has Christianity.

Human Environment Interaction

They have good water quality. They rarely have spills if they do its from transportation. There brown fields are unused because of historical events.