Fiber Project


it is a soft white fibrous substance that surrounds the seed, it is a natural fiber and it is used as a textile fiber and thread for sewing

it wrinkles and shrinks, it also absorbs things quicker


it is a textile made from the fibers of the flax plant. The fiber is absorbent and garments are valued for having cooling and freshness in hot weather

it is a natural fiber

wrinkles easy


it keeps you warm, it doesn't wrinkle that bad. It traps odors and it is flame resistant.

it shrinks really bad

natural fiber


it absorbs moisture and is made from by silk worms in the making of cocoons and is used to make thread and fabric

nature fiber


it is a manufactured fiber. it is like a cheaper version of silk. it has a silk appearance and has a luxurious feel to it. it is a relatively weak fiber and it is heat sensitive


it is very soft and comfortable and is very durable. it is very absorbent and it is inexpensive

it wrinkles really easily, heat sensitive, and it stretches. it is really weak when it is weak and the fabric shrinks when wet.

it is a manufactured fiber


It is very absorbent and strong. Resists sunlight

they can get mildew on them and that might cause a problem

manufactured fibers


tough, lightweight, elastic synthetic polymer with a chemical structure. it is able to be produced as filaments, sheets, or molded objects

manufactured fibers


it is made from polypropylene. it is used in wallpaper, carpeting, ropes, and vehicle interiors. it is known for its strength, colorfastness and comfort it is resistant to staining, mildew, abrasion, sunlight and its good bulk cover


it has a wholly texture is is quick- drying resilient

it is manufactured fiber


it is known for being exceptional elasticity. it is strong and durable

it is a manufactured fiber