Bobby Jones

By: Chase Acton

The Early Years

Bobby Jones was born Robert Tyre Jones II on March 17, 1902, to Clara Thomas and Robert Tyre Jones in Atlanta, Georgia. At a young age his family would spend their summers near East Lake Country club where young Bobby learned from the courses pro Stewart Maiden. At age 14 he showed a promising future in the world of golf when he made it to the third round of a national tournament. A born perfectionist and hot head he was known to throw clubs often when he made bad shots. Once he even picked up his ball and quit halfway through a round in a British tournament. His future in golf looked slim as he showed off to others a hotheaded immature rich kid.

A Boy Becomes a Man

All changed when he won the U.S Amateur in 1922 where he became a more mature and respected golfer. By the end of the 20's he had won it 4 times and finishing in second 4 times as well. Aside from being a golfer he ended up with 3 bachelor degrees in engineering, English literature, and Law. He married and has 3 children. Loving his family and spending time with him he only competed in national championships were he never accepted any prize money.

His Impact on Soceity

Bobby Jones was a hero to young people everywhere so much he even had his own trading card. He also helped establish the Augusta National Golf Club where the annual Masters is held every year. He competed and inspired many to pursue golfing.



Video Questions:

1. How are the elbows right before contact?

2.Should the hip be open before, during, or after contact?