By Chris Allen II

My Story

When i was in 6th grade I was close to being obese and my dad was obese.We ate lots of junk food and we never worked out. The feeling i have now being in shape is unbelievable compared to being obese feeling good.So this is why i choose to make a memorial over obesity.

What is the issue?

Many people in this world are obese. But being obese isn't even the worst part though. Obesity leads to Diabetes, High Blood Pressure ,Coronary Artery Disease and more. I say that not to scare you but to inform you about what obesity is really leading too. But this all can be prevented by choosing healthier choices and exercising.

Who does this effect?

This can effect anyone who makes the choices of eating junk food all the time and not working out at all. So its not that hard to become obese but its also not that easy to became obese because it does take time to gain weight even if you don't work out.

Why should there be a memorial?

I feel that people who are obese need some inspiration to lose weight. It's not a easy ride but with some encouragement anything is possible. So that's why i want a memorial for obesity. I want the people who overcame obesity to be there to tell their story's and give some hope. Lastly i would like for both the obese people and the people who overcame being obese to work out together. I think this will help for the motivation.

Were should it be held at?

I think it should be held somewhere with a high obese population. I have yet to figure out a good place but I would like the people who overcame obesity to give out their experiences then proceed to run a mile with the obese people.

My goal

At the end of the day i just want everybody to feel happy in their own skin. I don't want a little weight to stop anyway from feeling a 100% everyday. But all and all that's why I choose obesity as my memorial.