Hospice&Palliative Care Conference

June 2, 2014- BSU Student Union Building

Recieve 7 hr CME-

This ​course ​will ​be ​ideal ​for ​any ​clinical ​staff ​but ​is ​targeted ​for ​mid-level ​providers ​and ​physicians.

Complete details and Online registration at:
Idaho Quality of Life Coalition
208/ 841-1862

Early Bird Rates End May 12

Mention "Treasure Valley Hospice"

and receive a $10 gift card

CLINICAL: for PA and NP EPEC-Education in Palliative and End-of Life Care INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Kevin Clifford, St Alphonsus Palliative Care Dept.

Monday, June 2nd, 8am-5pm

1910 University Dr

Boise, ID

The ​EPEC ​curriculum ​combines ​didactic ​sessions, ​video ​ presentations, ​interactive ​discussions, ​and ​practice ​exercises. ​
  • It ​teaches ​fundamental ​palliative ​care ​skills ​in ​communication, ​ ethical ​decision ​making, ​psychosocial ​considerations, ​and ​symptom ​management. ​Its ​curricular ​materials ​and ​accompanying ​take-home ​ messages ​can ​easily ​be ​adapted ​for ​teaching ​sessions ​targeted ​ at ​interdisciplinary ​audiences. ​ ​
  • Each ​participant ​will ​receive ​ the ​entire ​EPEC ​manual, ​power ​point ​slides ​and ​access ​to ​ videos ​online. ​ ​This ​alone ​is ​a ​$200 ​value ​if ​you ​were ​to ​ order ​these ​sets ​from ​the ​EPEC ​program. ​ ​ ​

This ​course ​will ​be ​ideal ​for ​any ​clinical ​staff ​but ​is ​targeted ​for ​mid-level ​providers ​and ​physicians.