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Japans connection to the U.S

Japan bombed pearl harbor during World War 2 which got U.S into world war 2 and U.S bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki to end World War 2.

Koreas Connections to the U.S

U.S fought Korean war in Korea in side of South Korea and against North Korea which divided Korea into North and South Korea.

Taiwan's Connection to the U.S

U.S and United Nation said that Taiwan is not the real china but Taiwan says that it's the real china.

China's connection to the U.S

China fought against U.S in Korean War and U.S considered this china as the real china
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Japan's Government

Democracy and Constitutional Monarchy

Korea's government

North Korea: Juche or Communist

South Korea: Democracy

Taiwan's government


China's government


Taiwan Facts

1. U.S and UN doesn't consider taiwan as the real china.

2. Taiwan is an island.

3. Taiwan was colonized by dutch and Spanish.

4. Taiwan is not part of UN.

5. Taiwan think that is the real china.

6. It is the economic powerhouse.

7. Taiwan was created due to colonization

Japan facts

1. Japan got bombed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

2. Japan was part of both World Wars.

3. Japan has 6800 islands.

4. Japan bombed pearl harbor.

5. Japan has the world's largest economy.

6. Japan has the world's oldest monarchy

7. Japan is the only Asia country that was not colonized

Korea Facts

1. Korea was divided into two in the 38th parallel.

2. 38th parallel has DMZ.

3. South Korean government believes it has control of the whole Korea.

4. North Korea first invaded South Korea.

5. The U.S helped South Korea invade North Korea.

6. DMZ is the world's most militarized zone.

7. Korea had a Korean War

China Facts

1. China was named the Real China by UN and U.S

2. China is one of the most strongest military in the world.

3. China is in the continent Asia.

4. The Capital is Beijing

5. China is the 3rd largest country.

6. China has the second largest economy.

7. China has the fourth longest river.

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Important people in China

Xi Jinping - general scretary of the Communist party of china. He is the Chairman of China's military

Mao Zedong - Former chairman of the communist part of china.

Chiang Kai-Shek -The former Leader of the nationalist party