The Glorious Revolution

Farrah Canuette

What was the Glorious Revolution?

The Glorious Revolution was a time period in the 17th century where the power of the ruler in England was undetermined and the power was passed around between rulers.

Oliver Cromwell

Oliver Cromwell, a Puritan, was the ruler of England around the 17th century. Puritans had laws that went against theater, dancing, drinking, and gambling. Since most of England were not Puritans they did not agree with these laws. Oliver died in 1658.

Charles II

After the death of Oliver Cromwell, there was a restoration of the king by Charles II. Charles managed to work with the Parliament, unlike his younger brother James II, who frequently ran into conflict with the Parliament.

James II

James II overthrew Charles II. The people of England liked James at first. Later James II tried to restore the Catholic faith which upset the people. Eventually the people turned against him and he was beheaded.

William and Mary

Mary, James II's daughter, married William III. William III, king of the Netherlands, was called by the people of England to overthrow James II. James II's army turned on him and William II and Mary ruled together. Mary beheaded many of her husbands, therefore was later referred to as "Bloody Mary".