Weekly Knight Notes

Week of 4-20-15

Outside Duty Changing

New outside duty starts tomorrow. Make sure to check the staff handbook to see where your placement.

Starkel gets the radio for Sheridan St.

Blomeke gets the bus checklist


Collaboration will be in the library tomorrow morning to discuss ISTEP items for this week.

Meeting with Mrs. Linson

Ann will be meeting with staff at 7:15 in the library on Tuesday morning. She will be discussing a few items which include the middle school project.

Filling in during prep

Friday we had another day where we didn't have enough subs to cover classrooms. Thank you to everyone who covered! It is great to be able to email teachers and know they will help us out.

Some things to keep in mind as we finish out the school year. Last year during this time it seemed Friday's were notorious for lack of subs. If you plan on taking a flex day you need to put it into the system as soon as you can. If you don't it only hurts other teachers and your team if we can't find a substitute.

I will try and rotate who covers each classroom when we do need coverage but you are also always welcome to talk with others on prep and break up the time.

Another thing to keep in mind when you are absent is to have materials and lessons ready for the sub or teacher filling in. A lot of people had to make copies for teachers and that added to the stress. It would possibly be beneficial if you had an emergency lesson ready to go for those times you can't make it in to get things around.

This note isn't to discourage people from taking a flex day but it's just to serve as a remind of things to keep in mind.



Tuesday- Meeting at 7:15

Team Leader meeting- 3:00

Golf @ Colonial Oaks

Soccer @ Carroll

Wednesday- Golf vs Central Noble

Thursday- ISTEP

Golf vs Leo

Soccer vs Maple creek

Friday- ISTEP

Track @ Garrett Invite