Federal Bureau of Investigation

They dont just catch bad guys......they save your community

What Does it Really Mean??

Federal Bureau of Investigation, also known as the F.B.I,is the federal agency charged with investigations for the attorney General and with Safe guarding national security. The F.B.I finds the people who do bad things or hurtful things to other people and stop them before it goes on any longer.

Fightin' Crime All the Time!

Everyday being in the F.B.I, if your an agent, could involve in the frontline fight against terrorism, drug trafficking, financial and cyber crimes, and other important national security issues. Special agents identify case issues and evidence based on complaints, charges, or allegations of violations. The special agents also interview suspects and witnesses to collect and verify information, and record interviews using cameras or other means. They also search for and collect evidence, such as fingerprints, DNA samples and computer records.

The Steps To Victory!!

They undergo a 20-week training program at F.B.I Academy to learn basic skills for collecting intelligence during investigations after meeting requirements and passing the tests. Academy courses include cyber fraud, computer search and seizure, counterterrorism, the intelligence cycle, ethics, human behavior, and fire arms.

After training new agents spend about three years rotating through a variety of assignments, establishing a broad knowledge base while developing specialized expertise in their designated career path.

The F.B.I Hits The Screens

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has been catching the eye of American Pop culture since its beginning,which was in 1935. Here are some examples.....




Expert: Yolanda (F.B.I Special Agent in Intelligence)