Culture of Lesotho

The People

People from Lesotho are called Basotho. Lesotho's population is about 1.9 million and they speak Sesotho. The main religion is Lesotho is Christianity and most people attend church weekly. The Basotho dress in western style clothing but cover there clothing with beautiful blankets. The people are clean, neat, and concerned about appearance. Even the shoes are kept polished.


People in Lesotho greet by shaking hands and saying either Lumela (Hello) or Khotso (Peace be with you). It is considered impolite to point with the index finger and they pass with there right hand, or both. People for friends of the same gender to walk down the street holding hands. Members of opposite gender are not to touch or display affection in public.

Life Styles

Men often work out of the country for most of the year, so women are the in charge of making decisions and taking care of the farm. Women also work in jobs like road construction or service occupation. Most rural families share a compound that includes several buildings. The home is built of rocks and sticks and help together by cow poop, which drys like concrete. Before the poop drys the Besotho will carve symbols into the walls to decorate the house, then paint it when it drys. Some houses are built of cement blocks and have a thatched roof.