Wildcat Weekly Feb. 16th-19th

Enjoy your day!

Thank Yous, Acknowledgements, and Applause

  1. Happy belated birthday to Katie Thill! She celebrated this past Saturday.
  2. Bravo to Dan Rinker and his speedy skills in cleaning up all the messes we had in "Aisle 9" all last week. I think one day he had his mop out five times due to sick kiddos.
  3. This week will be our last round of ACUITY for 3rd-5th grade. YEEEEE HAAAAWWW!
  4. A big round of applause to all of you for your low-key Valentines exchange. Yes, I realize that we had some parents bring in food but that was out of our control. I appreciate you all just making adjustments and eating in the cafeteria.
  5. A sincere thank you to Dorothy for ensuring that all students had Valentines to exchange.

PBL and Mrs. Wynn's class UNITE FOR A FUNDRAISER!

Just giving up your Starbucks coffee for ONE day could go a long way


In planning with Tanyka Wynn one day, she stated that her class was reading about the water crisis in Flint, Michigan as part of their non-fiction focus. Her students stated that they wanted to send water to those folks in need. The suggestion was made to incorporate it with the Random Act of Kindess theme of 2nd grade and have a building-wide fundraiser. Tanyka's class wrote a wonderful proposal and the end goal is to send AT LEAST one pallet of water to Freeman Elementary--a school that was referenced in their article.

We will collect funds for the next two weeks and would LOVE if you would join our students in this effort. The water will be ordered via Amazon and sent directly to the elementary school. I hope to connect Tanyka's class with the principal once the delivery is scheduled.

Please just drop off your change, bills, and checks to Shelly! Feel free to get your family and neighbors involved. There is a link to the school provided below.

Weekly events

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Weekly Inpsiration--Sing along with me, "Hope that you spend your days, and they all add up!" Colorado student, Colorado band, Colorado Setting

OneRepublic - I Lived

Housekeeping Items for the Week:

  1. Just a heads up that the Sunshine Walk was moved to February 27th, 2016. Please just email me directly if you can join me or bake for the event.
  2. We will be helping folks grade Acuity during our Wednesday PD segment.
  3. Budget: I will receive final budget numbers on Tuesday. I have three weeks to determine TE allocations and what not. I will be as transparent as I can and decisions will be made on what is best for the overall well-being of our students, not for adult employment (one of our core beliefs). Kevin and I will be out on Wednesday afternoon to breakdown the numbers so we can come together as a team and discuss what those numbers relate to within our building.