What is Computer Hard Ware

Maddi Menzies


A hard drive is a small box found in computers. It stores all the information on it like Documents, music, videos and pictures. Inside the hard drive is a platter disc which all the information is stored on. There is also a moving arm which spins the disc.


An SSD is similar to a hard drive and does the same job. However it is thinner and had no moving parts. An SSD is also lighter. These are found in phones and ipads. SSD stands for Solid State Drive. However SSD's are sadly much more expensive.

Optical Drive

An optical drive is a device that is normally found on the side of computers or laptops. It reads any disc you put in. It can read dvd and blueray discs. Optical drives also can download information from a optical disc. You can also use this device to burn music, photos and film onto a disc. Optical drives can be found on gaming devcies like xbox, playstion and wii console. However apple do not use optical drive in their newest mac air device.
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