taylors smore

12th night


I believe at times I can be mean and not care about other people. At the same time, I know I care about peple like my family and friends and I know I can be nice when I want to be. I act tough at school because I try and put a smile on my face 24/7, even though I get bullied 24/7. Also, I have a lot of family probelms but at home I'm just me. I act the way I act because I think I'm worthless and there is no reason to change because I just dont care anymore because people can hate on me and say what they want about me but at the end I know I have my family and my true friends by my side. People think I'm this horrible person, but at the end I'm really not, I'm really nice,funny, and an out going person who loves to help animals out and hang out with friends. my family is the most important people in my life. Especially my older brother Nick because he has a mental illness called schizophrenia, and he has a lower life spand then others. So, I want to spend time with him as much as possible.

In the play twelth night, the charactor olivia has servints and she likes one the best, its malvolia. malvolia and her have a special bond that noone could understand beside them two. malivolio talkes really good about olvia than evrbody else, because he likes what he can gain from olivia. she is a center of attenion type of person,she is the type of person to be funny and also romatice. she is all over the place trying to find a guy and then when she barley knows sebastion she ends up with him.


I personaly hang out, and talk to more guys and have more guy friends than females because they aren't fake and talk b.s. behind other people's back, like females do because that's all they do and at the same time people say stuff about me and judge me for that just because I'm friends with more guys than girls. My mom doesn't like that if I'm out super late and then she's fliiping on me and stuff, but then if it's my older broher he doesn't get yelled at just because he's a guy. I think it's dumb that certian sports that girls can't play that boys can I think everybody should be allowed to play whatever sport they want. Guys think girls are weak and can't do certain stuff, but at the end they prove them wrong and show them that they are not weak and they are just like them like being a cop or a fierfighter. i love being a girl because i can go shoping and at times it can be annoying but at times it also can be fun.

Olivia is a female that doesnt count on anybody else besides herself and that she earns her money and living by working hard. she is in morning because her brother died so she doesnt want a boy in her life . but in the middle of the play she also ends up to be sallow and cant pick a guy and goes back and forth just to find the right guy. olivia is a girl who doesnt fall for a guy easy but did with casareio but doesnt know its actully viloa pretending to be a guy. shes a type of girl that only cares about guys looks nothing els beside that, thats also why shes shallow.


my perception is that people think im a whore and that they can say whatver they want to be and they think its ok and it doesnt hurt me but at the end it really does and i do have feelings. people like to judge me just because of my past and iv changed and noone seems to get that and i just keeped geting bullied everyday and people tell me to go killmyself. honestly i dont care what they need to say because i know my true friends and my family will always be by my side no matter what. at the end people can say what they want about me because at this point it doesnt affect me so i just let them keep runing there mouths. people need to give me a chance to prove myself and that im not the old taylor im a new and aproved taylor and if they dont give the chance to get to know me then why would i give them the light of day to even talk to them

I belileve that other characters in Twelfth night see olivia as ritch snob that only cares about herself. also that she cant pick the right guy and hops to guy to guy. also that she might favor malvilo because of there special bond when thats not the only servint she has. i belileve that the other characters in the twelfth night think she looks dumb trying to get caserioa , because shes acting the same way orsino was with her. i belileve she also looks dumb at the end when she says yes to sebastion and she doesnt even know him.

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similarites and differences

A similarity between olivia and myself is that were both shallow and cant pick a guy and hop guy to guy because we cant find the right one.

A differnce is that shes rich and im not . another differnce is im not going to say yes to somone to marry when i barley even know them. finally i dont have servints unlike olivia , i do my stuff myself.