World Geography

Canada vs. United States


The US and Canada are actually really similar outside of their climate. Each is the other's chief economic partner. Tourism and migration between the two nations has increased rapidly. The most serious trust factor in the relationship occurred during the War of 1812, which began with an American invasion of Canada, and a small Canadian counter attack into U.S territory. In 1815, the war ended when a military reached a draw. The border remained the same after the war and was claimed, as were the Great Lakes, further in history the British no longer aided Indian attacks on American territory, and the United States never again attempted to invade Canada. Apart from minor attacks, it has remained peaceful.


We have a good relationship with Canada, they are one of our main trading partners. We both have one of the largest comprehensive systems. But, we are really different in some other ways. For example, our population versus theirs, land/size, amount of states or provinces, so based on those we are forced to have a different economy and government.

Political Connections

Maybe a little over 10 years ago Canada faced some troubles or complications, they had that we didn't need to worry about at the time. It was hard for them and they had to try and create more jobs or businesses. That slowed down the trade rate between the US and Canada. In the US that was problematic because we then didn't have enough jobs or people quit and in some area we had too many open jobs.

Social Connection:

We are very similar to Canada in more ways than one however, we are also extremely different. For starters Canada has a smaller population and we have nearly 3x more people. Canada is also a lot colder, there's no true definition of a line between their winter and summer. Their summer time could be 70 degrees while that is winter in Florida.