DID: Kim Noble

By: Hannah Hedin

Who is Kim Noble?

Kim Noble is a 50 year old woman who lives in London as an artist and a mother. She suffers with dissociative identity disorder. She has over 100 personalities ranging from Ken, a gay man, to Judy, a teen bulimic. Her main personality is Patricia, who serves to protect her. Her life may look fairly normal from the outside, however, it is full of complications.

How DID Has Affected Kim's LIfe

Everyday Kim's life is affected by the disorder. As a child the disorder made it difficult for her to do well in school. As a teen the disorder caused her to be depressed and suicidal. She tried to commit suicide on multiple occasions. She also developed anorexia and bulimia. In her 20's she was able to hold down a job as a van driver, however, one day a sudden personality switch her to crash the van she was driving into a line of parked cars. She was then diagnosed with schizophrenia, and later was finally diagnosed with DID. In 1997 she had a baby girl who was taken away from her by social services due to her instability. For years she was not aware that she had even had a child. Her DID has affected simple tasks, such as going to the doctor. She will sometimes be standing outside of the doctors office, but she cannot remember if she has gone in for her appointment yet.

Cause Of Kim's DID

Kim grew up neglected by her unhappy parents. She was often cared for by friends and local acquaintances rather than her parents. Kim was subject to repeated abuse throughout her childhood that ultimately caused her to dissociate. Her dissociation helps her to forget the details of the trauma that she had endured as a child.
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