Rountree Report

September 16, 2016

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Guess who was sporting the Rountree swag at this week's Principals meeting?

Reminders and Info
  • Be sure to read Shirley's email about class tshirts. PTA has once again agreed to help us with students that cannot afford a shirt. However, to make it easier and more accurate this year we need your help with tracking who has paid and who hasn't. We tried to give everyone their first choice but alas it did not happen for all:(
  • We currently have several that have signed up for PTA. When we hit 100% we will have lunch on me!
  • At principal's meeting on Wednesday we discussed both the writing and reading instructional configurations. A decision was made for each school principal to complete a reading fidelity check during first quarter. I will be coming around during your reading block to complete the fidelity check during October. If you have something specific you want me to see please let me know. Otherwise I will just use the class schedule you provided and come by. Please also make sure your schedule is posted outside your door. The instructional configuration is linked for your review.
  • I have adjusted how I want to handle the writing check that we discussed during our staff meeting. I would like for you to complete the writing self assessment activity that Matt began with you (color coding where you think you are in each of the components). Please share these with me by the end of the day next Friday. I will be reviewing them to guide our future professional learning around writing. I will come by and informally observe your writing lessons, have some informal writing conversations, and as always if you would like for me to see something in particular feel free to reach out. I will not be doing a formal writing check until the Spring. At that time I will do a formal check, you will reassess where you think you are, and we will discuss growth.
  • I have attached the energy audit checklist provided by Synergistic to assist us as we work to save energy wherever and whenever possible.
  • I encourage you to fill out the Friday Feedback form again this year. It is also on our Canvas page if you ever lose the link.
  • With the new structure of a blended learning meeting each week your grade level meetings will need to be adjusted. I would like to get your input on how often you would like these to occur. Please enter your input here.

Monday, Sept. 19

4th grade Blood Drive

4-6 Appy Hour at Glendale

Tuesday, Sept. 20

1st grade Career Fair 9-10

Staff Meeting 4:00--We will have the tech gurus in the building to teach us tips and tricks for the widi and staff devices. Our meeting will likely last only 30 minutes unless you have several questions.

Kdg Prep 6:00

Wednesday, Sept. 21

Future Owls 9:00

3rd grade field trip 9:30-12

Thursday, Sept. 22

I will be out at a conference in Columbia.

Friday, Sept. 23

I have a review meeting at 9 and will be out for about an hour.

1st grade career fair 9:30-10

5th grade field trip 10-11
De-escalating Tips

There are some great tips here! Check them out and think about which one you might want to try the next time you are in an escalated situation.

Attendance Audits coming soon

During the back to school Attendance Training sessions, Dr. Courtney Martin and Amy St. John shared the 2016-17 SPS Attendance Manual ( In effort to best support buildings and remain in compliance with DESE financial reporting, the department of Assessment, Accountability & Analytics (AAA) will monitor attendance code usage, absentee daily report, teachers not taking attendance report, physical Time In/Time Out log sheets at the building. The overall Average Daily Attendance (ADA) by student and building must be accurate in a timely manner. This includes ensuring all teachers are taking attendance. This data is utilized for budgeting and accountability purposes. In the coming weeks, members of the AAA team will visit buildings to review above stated and on the job training as needed.

Teacher of the Month

I have received several employee recognition forms. It is so encouraging and fantastic to see the way you honor each other. Keep them coming! We will draw our winner at our September assembly.
Employee Recognition

Take some time to nominate a colleague this week. You are doing outstanding things! Let's recognize each other!