RecyclingMan News Update

our first chat and selection for project logo

Our first chat!

Today students convened first time in chat section TwinSpace. They have recognized each other better. they asked each other, and they answered everything. They really loved chat. we will meet with them in the the chat line. It was an unforgettable experience for them.

Recycling Romania by Daniela Falnicu

On the 19-th of February, 2014, the project team of the Capatinesti School went to the local recycling Group of Companies. They were impressed with the technologies used there and with the final products, fibers and bags, come out of waste plastic bottles. They decided to recycle selectively and start collaboration with the Group.

Recycling Romania

choice of superhero

We completed superhero designs. Now its time to choose. We did a survey and added superhero designs.Let's see,it will our project logo which one of them. Also We have prepared a catalog of all designs.