Honey, Bee more careful!

Why honey bees are going extinct, and why it matters.

Bees are becoming extinct much too rapid! Some reasons for our loss of bees are the decreased amount of flower meadows, climate change, mass extermination, and, the most well-known, pesticides. In 2007, researches noticed that the bee population has decreased by about 70%.

Importance of Bees!

Many people may not care, but here are some reasons why you definitely should.

  1. They pollinate 90 different kinds of crops (pollination is vital to keep plants, that provide us with food, alive) (food they pollinate feeds 90% of the world's population.
  2. Bees create food themselves (honey)
  3. provides many jobs (bee keeper, honey harvesters, factor workers, etc.)

How can we save the bees?

  • Use a natural weed killer in your garden, instead of harmful pesticides
  • Plant year-round plants to provide food
  • Buy honey from local beekeepers to help support them
  • Eat more organic food

No bees, No Plants, No animals, No food, NO US