Hong Kong:

Background, Music and Cuisine


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Before 1997, Hong Kong was a British colony for 99 years. There was one period during World War 2 where Hong Kong was occupied by Japan for 3 years and 8 months.

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Hong Kong has a population of 7.24 million and the official languages are Cantonese and English, but Mandarin is commonly spoken, as well as other indigenous languages.


Thunderstorms, typhoons and sunny days are common during the summer in Hong Kong. It is also hot and humid which causes the average temperature to be over 30 degrees during the summer months. In the fall, the temperature ranges from 20-30 degrees and it is the sunniest season. There is also less rainfall than in the summer. Winters in Hong Kong are not as cold as winters in Canada as their temperature ranges from 16-23 degrees. It is no longer as sunny and it is cloudier. Spring is cloudy and is cooler than fall. Rainfall also increases during this time.


Hong Kong is heavily influenced by U.K. Areas where it has been influenced include, the food, the fashion, the architecture, law, and education. This is a city where east meets west.

In terms of pop culture, cantopop and television dramas are extremely popular.


Hong Kong is 1104 square kilometers. In northern Hong Kong, there are lowlands but most of Hong Kong’s terrain is mountainous with sleep slopes and has many hills.


Hong Kong is a financially active city with its stock market and banking industry. The main source of income is from tourism as Hong Kong is known for its shopping district and has been nicknamed, “Shopping Paradise.” Other industries such as jewelry and brand name fashion attract many tourists to Hong Kong because these items are sold with relatively low prices with no tax.

Cantonese Opera

帝女花 庵遇 相認 舞台版 任劍輝 白雪仙


This music is significant to the country because before formal education was widely available, Cantonese opera was used to teach audiences morals and messages. It promoted the idea of ‘be loyal to the emperor and love the kingdom.’


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A box that has 18-21 strings

Popular Foods

A popular food item is congee and it is sometimes served with oil fried bread sticks. Congee is made of rice, water and meat or seafood. The oil fried bread sticks can be dipped in the congee or some add it to their meal.

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Another food is wonton noodles. Inside the wonton, there is shrimp and pork

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A drink that originated from Hong Kong. It is a mixture of tea and coffee.

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