Great Plains Flyer

By Kendra Raymond

People of the Plains

In the Great Plains, winters are cold and summers are hot. It is a land of extreme temperatures. The people of the Great Plains lived in the region from Canada to Texas and the Mississipi River to the Shining Mountains. They eat small game, deer, elk, corn, squash, and beans. The most beneficial food source was buffalo, which provided protien, utensils, and weapons. Buffalo were so critical in their survival that they were often Nomadic, and followed the buffalo. These people often lived in tepees because they are so portable. Tepees are cool in the summer and warm in the winter, providing a perfect home. In some part of the Great Plains, people lived in earth covered lodges. People of the Great Plains often wore breechcloths, pants and shirts made of buckskin, decorated with quills. During war, they wore feathered headdresses to show prowess.

The people of the Great Plains were very religious. During ceremonies they loved to dance and sing. They even had a famous sun dance. Their religion was centered around spiritual power. Everyone had a spiritual guardians such as birds, dwarfs, and mosquitoes. These spiritual guardians were taken on while the tribesmen tortured themselves, by hanging from tall poles with hooks in their chests, or staring at the sun. During war, they raided other tribes for goods and loot. They also counted coop. This showed their bravery, and courage. After raids or wars, they often danced and celebrated. They would scalp people and keep the scalps as trophies.