Team, Team, Team!

Teamwork with Teams

Why is Teamwork Important?

Teamwork is Important in every way because, if you had a good idea, and your friend had a good idea, you could combine them to make an even greater idea! Think about it, how would you make a s'more if the graham crackers, the marshmallow and chocolate didn't work together? Teamwork is used in every corner of the world. It is needed everywhere where people are. How could the world be a better place if people didn't work together?

Where and How to Show Teamwork

You can show teamwork anywhere you go! School, home, even at a park! You can show teamwork by being nice, helping, combining ideas, and working together. These are all great ways to show teamwork. You can also acheive greater things when you work together, and that will make the world a better place. If you don't like working together, how could you get anything done? Teamwork makes the world shine bright.


School is a good place to show teamwork.
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This shows that together, you can get more done.
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This image shows that you can use teamwork to show teamwork.