Spread The Word!

Spread the Word!!!

Jesus Loves all of us and more need to know this please help! Also spread that he came and died on the cross for all our sins we are in urgent need of the Lord in many places just work with me to spread the word, please. Go to a flyer on smore called," Internal Love " in Dubuque to learn about Jesus and please tell others about it.

Why to spread the word

We should all spread the word because it would help people to realize they have a sailor, someone who is always there for you, lots of people miss that in their lives and they end up going to hell and we do not want any one to go to hell. You can go to hell by not believing in Jesus Christ son of God or by doing horrid things here on Earth, but God forgives you just have to pray for forgiveness and not take advantage of that. That's why Jesus came to earth so we could be forgiven and so we could join God and Him in heaven.

Jesus Loves Me [Live]