A Society in Defeat

Emily Sienkiewicz

A Failing Society

The lies, the gossip, and the devastation of a failing relationship can all have a damaging affect

in a society. There is no hiding that Gatsby's society was going to fail and the reasons for it are

endless. Another society that is bound to fail is that of a high school. The hallways are filled

with gossiping chatter and relationships that are beginning and ending for all the wrong

reasons. Material wealth is a usual necessity in order to fit in. Students are categorized into

groups based not on their personality but on how they look or how much money they have.

Why do we care so much about people's imperfections and flaws when we ourselves are no

better . "And you found he was an Oxford man," said Jordan helpfully. "An Oxford man!" He

was incredulous. "Like hell he is! He wears a pink suit." Jordan told Tom that Gatsby went to

Oxford and he automatically judged him. Instead of being ridiculed its time for us to stick up

for each other and be the better person.

In today's society people gossip as if their life depends on it, they also deny that they are gossiping even though its obvious that they are.

The Perfect Image

It may seem strange that a high school could make a society fail but in all actuality, it is not as

crazy as it sounds. Many people can fake a perfect image but inside they are suffering from

gossip, lies, and the usual high school drama. In The Great Gatsby Tom and Daisy faked

their way up to being a picture perfect “American” family. The feelings that Tom and Daisy had

for each other were everything but love. "I love you now – isn't that enough? I can’t help

what’s past." She began to sob helplessly. "I did love him once – but I loved you too.” Daisy

faked her love for Gatsby and faked that she never did. Daisy is so desperate to keep a perfect

image that she pays no attention to how it will hurt Gatsby and the people around her.

In high school we don't usually fake love but we do fake our image. As high school students

we have absolutely no individualism and we care more about our image than our happiness.

For example, students are pressured to be something they are not; they have to be skinny,

well dressed, wealthy, and have to change their personality in order to fit in with a certain

group. This gives students no individualism which is really sad because as kids we should be

able to wear what we want, act how we want, and just be ourselves.

Having a perfect image is nearly impossible in our society and the only way people can get even close to it is to fake it.

Drama, Drama, Drama!

In partnership with Life and Style magazine; NY Times has found that teens gossip up to 30 times

a day! There is absolutely no reason why people should be gossiping this much and there is no

reason why it should be occurring at schools. Gossiping is part of a normal school day for

most students and many do it without even thinking about it. Gossip can destroy a society in

the sense that people will never be able to live without being judged or ridiculed. Gossip can

destroy a society because it destroys relationships, causes mistrust, and can ruin a persons

reputation .These are all characteristics of a failing society in both the Great Gatsby and in a

high school. Tom and Daisy are considered the gossip king and queen of their day. Their whole

life is based off of gossip. "We heard you were engaged to a girl out West," Daisy begins. Nick

denies the rumor flatly: "It's a libel. I'm too poor.” Tom and Daisy accused Nick of being

engaged when clearly it was false. Gatsby’s society will go through many tragedies if it's people

keep on gossiping and spreading lies.

(It's time for our society to mind their own business and stop gossiping in order to make ourselves seem superior. It is time for silence.)

You Did What???

Failing relationships are something that both Gatsby’s society faces and a high school society

does to. High school students get themselves into relationships mainly on the label. Us students

don’t know what love is and how it feels. We are to young and immature to know the real

meaning. At least we have something to blame it on , our age. Gatsby’s society on the other

hand has no one to blame but themselves. “He thinks she goes to see her sister in New York.

He's so dumb he doesn't know he's alive”. Tom was talking about how he tricks Wilson

to thinking that Wilson's wife is not having an affair. Tom and Myrtle show no shame in what

they are doing and find nothing wrong with it. In a marriage having an affair will ruin a family

but Myrtle and Tom do not care about that. This society is so cruel that they see absolutely

nothing wrong with the fact that marriages and lives are on the line.

So What?

In our modern society we will always be gossiped about and ridiculed for not being good enough.

Why can't our society just stop and say "You are good enough". The reason why so many girls

hate going to school is because they know they will hear: "Did you see what she was wearing" or

"I cant believe she said that." When girls hear this in the halls they always assume that people

are taking about them and making fun of them. Why should we beat ourselves up for

something we didn't do or say? In Gatsby's society lies and rumors are spread constantly and

the result of this is ultimately death. In order to stay "alive" in Gatsby's society you have to be

born into money, gossip, have no moral standards and you can't show your true emotions.

The reason why Gatsby, Myrtle, and Wilson died was because they were the complete

opposite; they had money, but were not born into it, they fell in love, showed their emotions,

and all had dreams that were crushed by the horrible society they lived in.