Red Raider Bands

January 29th, 2018

Included in this Newsletter

  • Pep Band
  • Solo and Ensemble (times will not be available until two weeks prior)
Note: Google form for individual events is due by Friday
  • Solo and Ensemble Volunteer Sign-up
  • Student Fundraiser Opportunity *UPDATE*
    (Note: money from this fundraiser would go in to the accounts of the individuals that participate to be used to Field Trips, Band Performance Tours, Fees, Etc.)

Pep Band

Check the schedule!

Everyone only has one pep band left!

If you missed your first pep band and did not find a sub it will impact your grade. Be sure to attend your last one in the next three weeks!

The Wauwatosa East Red Raider Pep Band performs at six Basketball Pep Bands throughout the Boys and Girls Varsity season. To lower the commitment for our students we have divided the band in to three groups.

Each 'band' (Red, White, Black) attends two pep band performances.

Report time for all games is 6:45pm, in the band room.

Click on the links below:

Band Assignment

Pep Band Schedule

Students- If you are unable to attend a game it is your job to find a person that plays the same instrument to switch with you. Switches must be communicated to Mrs. Lato. Switches can only occur because of a conflict.

Students can attend more than their scheduled pep bands, for each additional pep band attended students will receive 25 points towards their Varsity letter. Attendance is taken at every game at the beginning and between the 2nd and 3rd period. You must be seated with the band and stay through the end of the 2nd period to receive credit for the performance.

Solo and Ensemble

Saturday, March 3rd, 2018

Location: Wauwatosa WEST High School

All of our Band students are required to participate in a large ensemble for Solo and Ensemble. Please make sure this date is on your calendar.

We are able to accommodate schedule requests due to conflicts. Please make sure that conflicts are communicated earlier rather than later.

Our annual Solo and Ensemble Festival is rapidly approaching. We are incredibly grateful for the Red Raider Band Boosters that support us bringing in multiple coaches to help prepare our students for this performance. The Band Boosters also cover all registration and medal costs for all of our large ensembles, so that our students can participate in Solo and Ensemble at no cost to you.

Students in Jazz I, II and III will also participate in Solo and Ensemble.

Students are also welcome to perform solos, duets, trios and quartets. A complete listing of WSMA events can be viewed by clicking the link below.


Students are encouraged but not required to perform additional events. Students performing an event that is separate from their large ensemble must complete the google form below. There are also additional fees associated with these events.

Fee's for Additional Events

Class A solo's $15

All other Solo's $12
Regular Ensembles $15 (plus $3 per person for medals)

Special Ensembles $21 (plus $3 per person for medals)

The following Events have been received and registered:

Updated 2/1 1:30pm

ZanowskiVocal Solo x2$30

PettitFlute Solo$12

SwensonFlute Solo$15

MurphyFlute Solo$15 Paid

GreenFlute Solo$15

SausedaOboe Solo$15 Paid

NormanBassoon Solo$15Paid

GreskBassoon Solo$15

Odrzywolski JClarinet Solo$15Paid

Odrzywolski DClarinet Solo$12Paid

LundClarinet Solo$12

BenzingerAlto Sax Solo$15 Paid

ButtazoniFrench Horn Solo$12

MoseyFrench Horn Solo$15

MartyFrench Horn Solo$15Paid

MoseyTrombone Solo$15

RinzelTrombone Quartet$21

RinzelEuphonium Solo$15

FiorentiniTuba Solo$15 Paid

FossumSnare Solo$12

BruettSnare Solo$12

TaitParade Drum Solo$15

TaitMarimba Solo$15

KingPiano Solo$12

MoorePiano Solo$15

5th Hour Ensembles

Green Special Ensembles Paid for by Band Boosters 5th Hour Flute Choir

Lonski Special Ensembles Paid for by Band Boosters 5th Hour Clarinet Choir

Benzinger Special Ensembles Paid for by Band Boosters 5th Hour Sax Choir

Koeberl Special Ensembles Paid for by Band Boosters 5th Hour Brass Ensemble

Conteh-Morgan Special Ensembles Paid for by Band Boosters 5th Hour Brass Ensemble

Arpin Special Ensembles Paid for by Band Boosters 5th Hour Percussion Ens

7th Hour Ensembles

Michaelson Special Ensembles Paid for by Band Boosters 7th Hour Woodwind Choir

Nicholds Special Ensembles Paid for by Band Boosters 7th Hour Brass Ensemble

Fossum Special Ensembles Paid for by Band Boosters 7th Hour Percussion Ens

Jazz Bands

Benzinger Jazz Ensemble Paid for by Band Boosters Jazz Ensemble I

Weinberg-Kinsey Jazz Ensemble Paid for by Band Boosters Jazz Ensemble II

Chiesa Jazz Ensemble Paid for by Band Boosters Jazz Ensemble III

If your student is not listed above and is planning on participating in a solo, duet or trio they must submit the form linked above by Friday! Be sure to ask your student which ensemble they are in so you don't miss their performance.


Late entries will not be accepted.

Interested in volunteering for Solo and Ensemble?

Thank you for your interest in volunteering your time to help the Wauwatosa Music Department facilitate our Solo and Ensemble Festival.

Morning volunteers should plan on meeting in the Wauwatosa West Library at 7:30am.

Afternoon volunteers should plan on meeting in the Wauwatosa West Library at Noon.

If you are volunteering with us all day you only need to attend the morning meeting. Please note that if you are volunteering in the afternoon on Saturday, parking can be a challenge. Please plan some extra time to allow yourself to find a parking spot.

Do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions.

We are looking forward to a successful Festival.

Click on the link below to sign-up for a volunteer slot

Sign-up Genius

Room Monitors- Check off students as they arrive, monitor noise level in the hallway, transfer judges sheets to runners

Runners- Go around to all of the rooms were events are being held collecting forms to bring the office.

Relief- Relieve workers that may need to use the restroom or watch their child perform.


This is an individual fundraiser

Hello! My name is Jennifer Erickson and I am the mother of Michael Erickson a Junior trumpet player in the band. Here is an update on where we are for the rummage sale.

Join us for our next meeting: February 15th, 2018 at 7:00pm in the Lunch Room.

What: An indoor rummage sale

Where: East HS Learning Center

Families responsibility: Work two hours and bring approximately 20 priced items to sell (you are welcome to bring more)

When will the sale take place: April 21st

Time: Items dropped from 6:30am -7:30am and sorted by the family to the correctly labeled area

Sale Time: 8:00am - 3:00pm

If families want their items back they can be picked up by the family at 3:00 or volunteers will take all the items to Good Will or another recommended agency.

Profits: profits will be split evenly by all participating families who work their shift and bring their items to sell.

When we did this for orchestra as a fundraiser we had approximately 40 families participate and each family made approximately $140.00. I believe we could double the profit due to the greater number of families involved in this trip.

Please email me ( if you are interested in being on any of the committees listed below.


Volunteer Committee: Determines needed times and numbers of volunteers for the event and sets up and sends out a volunteer sign up to the families. Keeps track of which families are signed up and which have not signed up and follows up with families who need to complete the 1-2 hours of volunteer time. What do the volunteers need during the sale: red shirts, name tags

Chair: _____________________ Members: Carolynn Esswein

Finance Committee: Determines how the money will be collected the day of the sale, where are we keeping the money for safety throughout the day, who is counting the money following the sale, (Last sale Sue Flatley helped), where does the money go following the sale, (deposited?) to be moved to the students accounts that participate. Possibly getting change to use the day of the sale

Chair: Leah Keys: 399-0017 Members:

Advertising: Determines Where, How and Who will we get the word out re: the sale. What will we use to advertise: flyers, student created posters, etc. Who will create the flyers, what information should be on the flyers, where should the flyers be hung. What the band students could do to help get the word out. What social media can be used. How Tosa schools can get the word out, etc. A timeline of when advertising should begin and what can go on even the day of the sale to get people in the doors. Recruit any band parents who might have a company where colored flyers could be printed for free.

Brainstormed list of possible places to advertise: Craigslist, Wauwatosa Buy, Sell, Trade, Brookfield Buy,Sell, Trade, Rummage web site, Tosa School band programs, School Web Sites, Journal Sentinel Events

Chair: Rachel Mosey, Members: Jen Crawshaw,

Logistics: Determines the details regarding permission to use the cafeteria, building hours, times the cleaning staff is present, the use of money boxes, dollies for transporting items,

Chair: Colleen McDonald Members:

Join us for our next meeting: February 15th, 2018 at 7:00pm in the Lunch Room.

My email is

My cell is 414-617-5231


Jennifer Erickson

Upcoming Events

March 3rd, 2018 District Solo and Ensemble @ Tosa West

April 11th, 2018 All-City Band Festival

Report 5:15pm, Depart 6:00pm- Full Uniform Performance

May 4th, 2018 East Side Evening of Jazz at 7:00pm, Dale K. Hidde Theatre

May 9th, 2018 Spring Band Concert at 7:00pm, Dale K. Hidde Theatre

May 13th, 2018 Pizzeria Piccola Band Booster Fundraiser

May 14th, 2018 Band Banquet 6:30pm

July 4th, 2018 Fourth of July Parade, report 7:30am. WE ARE FIRST!!!

2018-2019 Band Calendar now available

Our first Hockey Pep Band was a success!!

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