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March 2021


Last month, the C&I Team launched the "Great Teaching in Action" campaign to highlight OUR VERY OWN teachers implementing an instructional strategy proven to be effective in student learning. We hope you find the videos inspirational and encourage you to try different evidence-based strategies throughout this school year. We'd like to give a huge round of applause to our teachers, Mr. Layton from Converse, Ms.Wilson from Kitty Hawk, and Ms. Medina from Wagner High School for agreeing to share their videos with us this month! Thank you for your dedication and commitment to improving Tier I instruction across all of Judson ISD! Watch out for an upcoming visit from the members of the Curriculum and Instruction Department to share some goodies for you and your class as our token of appreciation for all the hard work you do!

Great Elementary Teacher in Action: Jacob Layton, Mentor Sentences, Converse

Mr. Layton is sharing the implementation of the NOTICE and IMITATE components of mentor sentence instruction. The use of mentor sentences provides students with examples of good writing that can be transferred to their own writing. Mr. Layton does an excellent job of having the students NOTICE patterns and structure, identify a FOCUS PHRASE that is now part of each student’s writing toolbox, and IMITATE this structure for future use in their own writing. Please enjoy this 12 minute video of Mr. Layton in action. You won't even believe that he is a new teacher!

Great Middle School Teacher in Action: Margaret Wilson, Graphic Organizers, Kitty Hawk

Mrs. Wilson has effectively used graphic organizers with her students for several years. We know that graphic organizers are great instructional tools that can help students organize information and help chunk math problems into understandable pieces. For example, a graphic organizer can help students sequence problem-solving steps in order to arrive at an accurate answer. This video shows Mrs. Wilson modeling the use of a graphic organizer to help her students find the slope and and y-intercept from a table. You'll love Ms. Wilson's enthusiasm as she uses graphic organizers in this 11 minute video!

Great High School Teacher in Action: Tracy Medina, TACOS for Social Studies, Wagner HS

Mrs. Medina is implementing the Analyzing Strategy TACOS using a political cartoon from the 1920s. She is effectively leading the students through this strategy that helps gather and organize the information presented in the political cartoon. The use of analyzing strategies provides students a way to break down visuals to better understand their meaning. Students are learning an effective tool to analyze primary and secondary source visuals. Check out this 6 minute video of Ms. Medina in action!

Ms. Evelyn Stephens, Great Teacher in Action at Rolling Meadows surprised by C&I Directors and Assistant Superintendent with

Evelyn Stephens, Rolling Meadows Elementary Great Teacher in Action

Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, Cecilia Davis, and C&I Directors surprised Ms. Stephens with Judson ISD swag for herself and her students. She was also presented with a Great Teacher in Action banner so that she can proudly display it in her classroom for her effective use of the Blended Routine.

Left to Right: Jodi Burton (Federal Programs & Grants Director), Maria Richison (Bilingual & ESL Director), Cecilia Davis (Assistant Superintendent), Evelyn Stephens (Great Teacher in Action), Elba Contreras (Assessment & Accountability Director), Randy Rogers (Instructional Technology Director)

Summer School Applications Now Open

The applications for Summer School 2021 are now open via Eduphoria Formspace. Please note that this summer we will be conducting two sessions for MOST programs, and Judson ISD has recently made the decision to offer summer school face-to-face only. Please see the attached Summer School Program Overview to review the programs offered, the dates they are offered and the times. It is possible to apply to work for only one session if you so wish. Teacher pay is $30/hour. If you have questions about a particular summer program, please see the District Point of Contact (POC) and email them directly with your questions. The DEADLINE to apply is April 16th, 2021, Please visit Eduphoria, Submit New Form, Select the Department called Summer School and all applications for each program will be listed.

Virtual Professional Learning for March

Below is a list of the upcoming Virtual Professional Learning Sessions facilitated by the C & I Department. Remember that we are also part of the Professional Learning Cohort from R20 that allows you to attend many free sessions through the Education Service Center. If you have any questions, Ms. Maricela Maldonado, Professional Learning Specialist, can provide you the support you need. You can also request that ANY member of C&I come model or co-teach in an effort to support a new strategy you would like to try.

Instructional Resources Vetted by JISD C&I

We know finding good resources that can be used for core instruction or intervention, on-campus or virtual instruction can be very time consuming. The table below is a condensed list of instructional resources vetted by the C&I Department. They align with research and are evidence-based, while some resources from the Texas Home Learning website are endorsed by the Texas Education Agency. The notes written on the right hand side are written by our team members for your information. Should you have any questions about how to implement or use any of the instructional resources below, please do not hesitate to reach out to your C&I contact.

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