Monday Musings

Weekly Memo for Douglas Staff

November 16, 2015

Happy Sunday evening,

Wow! The WHS Musical was phenomenal! I'm so thankful that our 2nd and 3rd graders were able to attend last Wednesday during the day...a great experience for them. Several Douglas alumni performed in the cast, crew and pit orchestra, which was fun to see. We even had a couple current Douglas students in the musical!

In Lessner family news - my little brother's football team (University of Sioux Falls) found out tonight that they made the NCAA Division II football playoffs for the first time ever! They will head to Arkansas to play on Saturday in the first round. It was pretty awesome to watch the video of the team when they found out they made the playoffs (last team announced!).

This week, I have a goal of 4 formal observations with pre-obs. conferences AND at least 6 informal observations. If you see me in your classroom this week, it is likely you will receive an email link to an observation form shortly after! Over the past couple of weeks in observations I have been able to listen in on a 4th grade literature circle, 1st grade conversations about math strategies, 3rd graders stretching the "heart" of their stories, and students sharing about how they have chosen just-right books for their independent reading. It is an honor to be in your classrooms! Have a great week, everyone.


Upcoming and Updated Staff Meeting Dates

Tuesday, Nov. 17 - NO Staff Meeting

Tuesday, Nov. 24 - Staff Meeting (See Below) (Norms and PBIS)

Tuesday, Dec. 1 - NO Staff Meeting - Douglas PLC Planning Team Meeting (3:15-4:15)

**Please plan on alternate team meeting time this week due to PLC Planning Team Meeting

Tuesday, Dec. 8 - Staff Meeting - Tier 1 Core Focus

Tuesday, Dec. 15 - NO Staff Meeting - K-2 Holiday Concert

Thursday, Dec. 17 - 3-5 Holiday Concert

NO SCHOOL - Monday, Dec. 21-Sunday, January 3

Tuesday, January 4 - Staff Meeting - TENTATIVE: Writing (Nancy/Lori), Responsive Classroom Revisit and PBIS

Tuesday, January 11 - NO Staff Meeting

Tuesday, January 18 - NO Staff Meeting

Tuesday, January 25 - District Grade-Level Teams 3:30 at Douglas - Literature and Foundational Skills

Team Meeting Time - Working as a PLC

Check out this video link made by a grade-level PLC team whose work is driven by the PLC process...A great glimpse at where we are headed!

Tuesday, Nov. 24th - Douglas Staff PLC - PBIS Focus

Tuesday, Nov. 24th, 3:15pm

1101 Prospect Street

Watertown, WI

Tentative Agenda:

- Norms

- Grade Level teams will present a norm for consensus (See below)

- PBIS Tiers 1 and 2 Data Dig

- Tier 1 Discussion - Goal Setting

- Tier 2 Grade-Level Discussion

Grade-Level Teams - Norms Task

At our Nov. 24th Staff PLC Meeting, we will be solidifying our building norms.

Two norms already agreed upon by consensus:

- Have an agenda and stick to it

- Start and end on time

Prior to the Nov. 24th meeting, each grade level team should prepare a norm to address the following components of working together. We will start our meeting with each grade level presenting a norm to the group for group consensus. Norms presented should be concise and help us focus our work together - with the overarching mission of "Excellence for All" and mindset of continuous improvement.

Grade-Level Norm Assignments:

- K: Norm to address - Responsibilities (Ideas from grade-level norms: Contribute equally to the responsibilties/workload of the group)

- 1: Norm to address - Communication (ideas from grade-level norms: take turns, communicate constructively/respectfully) - also consider listening, positivity, and confidentiality

- 2: Norm to address - Focus on Students and Student Learning

- 3: Norm to address - Sharing (ideas from grade-level norms: Share ideas, resources, strategies, opinions) - consider - What about when opinions do not match your own?

- 4: Norm to address - Presence at meetings/Participation - What does it mean to be present?

- 5: Norm to address - Decision-making

Gifts for Watertown Kids - Douglas Cares! (Family Game Drive)

Looking for a way to "give back" to a local cause during the holiday season?? The opportunity below may be for you!

Who: All interested Douglas staff

What: Bring in 1 new game to donate to Gifts for Watertown Kids (Each family gets 1 game at gift distribution)

When: Game should be brought to the school office anytime on or before November 30th

Then What: As a thank you for donating a game to this cause...wear jeans for a week! (Nov. 30-Dec. 4)

Event: Join your colleagues for the Gifts for Watertown Kids event at Turner Hall on Thursday, Dec. 3rd. Admission...1 new toy or game! Grab yours from the Douglas office and take it to the event. All family games will be taken to the event that evening.

Odds and Ends

Major BINs - Needed!

Our stock of Major BINs is currently running VERY low. Our ordering records indicate that there are over 300 Major BINs in the building, however we only have 25 "left" in stock.

We want to make sure to have BINs available for people when/if they need them. Please keep a few (3-4) BINs and return the rest to Kayla's mailbox for her to keep in her office. Moving forward, we will have Major BINs available in Kayla's office and the main office.

Student Teacher - 4th Quarter

Ann Baxter will be hosting a student teacher from Maranatha for the 3rd Quarter. If there is anyone in grades 1-6 (regular ed) who would like to host her for the 4th Quarter, please let me know.

Shout-Out...Looking for Extra Clothes!

We are in need of extra clothes, specifically pants/shirts/socks for girls and boys between the sizes of 8-16 (even into Juniors for Girls). Before buying clothes, some staff members suggested putting a shout-out to the staff to see if anyone has kids who have outgrown these sizes recently. If you have a bag of clothes ready to go to St. Vinny's or Goodwill, consider taking out a couple items and bringing them here! Extra clothes can be put into the lockers in the upstairs hallway. Thanks!

Douglas Apparel Order

Wouldn't you know it...there was a glitch with the ordering site for our Douglas Apparel. It was charging shipping, which should not have been the case. The company is deleting all orders that have been placed and sending us a new online flyer tomorrow. Your patience is appreciated! The flyer will be forwarded as soon as it arrives.

Save the Date - "Snow is falling! Books are calling!" - Douglas Family Literacy Night

Thursday, Jan. 14th 2016 at 5pm

1101 Prospect Street

Watertown, WI

Mark your calendars for our Family Literacy Night: "Snow is falling! Books are calling!" The planning committee met on Thursday and came up with some great ideas. Look for sign-ups in the near future...we will be looking for people to help out before and at the event. Thanks to Amy M. for heading up the planning committee!

Emily's Schedule for the Week (11/16-11/20)

Monday, 11/16

7:45 Pre-Observation Meeting (Hankins)

8:05 Announcements

8:30 Pre-Observation Meeting (Gresenz)

9:00 Office Meeting

12:30 Formal Observation

2:00 Formal Observation

Tuesday, 11/17

8:05 Announcements

8:30-11:15 Cabinet

12:55 4th Grade WIN

3:15 Team Meetings

Wednesday, 11/18

7:30 SIT - Adrian D. (Burchardt)

8:05 Announcements

8:30 Site Visit - Moravian Church (Emily, Kayla, Michaela)

9:30 Pre-Obs. Meeting (Lease)

12:30 Formal Observation

3:15 IEP (Stark/Rowedder)

Thursday, 11/19
8:05 Announcements

Observations - AM

12:55 4th Grade WIN

3:30 Brianna Kreuser's Baby Shower!

Friday, 11/20

7:45 Pre-Obs. Meeting (Sefzik)

8:05 Announcements

9:10 Meet with Brunner/Kennon

11:10 Formal Observation

Biblionasium - Like Goodreads for kids!! (FREE SITE)

In 5 minutes you can set up your entire class for free. Teacher and students can log in to write reviews...create a bookshelf...comment on each other's reviews. View what students have read and their thoughts! Try it with your next read-aloud!