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Taylor U.

More reading less talking

When I am reading a good book, I want everything around me to just stop. I get into a book, and I don’t want anyone to talk to me. I feel like I am at a movie theater and everything needs to be quiet so that I can pretend that I am actually in the movie.

About Me

I learned how to read when I was in Kindergarten and by the time I was in first grade, I was reading fourth grade level books. I love reading a book before the movie comes out and then rereading it after I have seen it. I read because for some people books are boring, but for me they are entertaining.

Me as a reader

  1. One of my favorite book series is Divergent which is in the same series as Insurgent and Allegiant. All of the books are by Veronica Roth.
  2. I love sci-fiy fantasy books, especially books about mermaids and or mythical creatures.One of my favorite mermaid series is Forgive my Fins, Fins Are Forever, and Just for Fins by Tera Lynn Childs
  3. When I am reading, I love to cuddle with my black and white tuxedo cat Charlie up in my room on my loft.
  4. When I read, every thing around me just gets tuned out and the characters in the book come alive in my head and it is like I'm not even reading the story, but witnessing it.
  5. Sometimes when I can't get to sleep or can't get back to sleep, I will get my most recent book that I am reading or grab my iPhone and or iPad and read either until I fall asleep or it is time for me to get up for the day.
  6. I am always looking for books that people recommend and that have authors that have won awards.
Fall Out Boy - Centuries (Official Video)

Centuries by Fall out Boys

I chose this song because it is always playing on the radio and is playing in my mind frequently. It has a catchy toon and after I have heard it on the radio, it keeps playing in my head.

My latest blog post

Right now, I am reading a book called How to Speak Dolphin by Ginny Rorby. This book is narrated by the main character, Lily. Lily wants to live a normal life, have normal friends, be able to go to a restaurant with her family. But she cant ever do any of these things because of her brother Adam. Adam is very autistic and no one knows how to cure or help him. He screams when the phone rings, and no one can get him to stop when he gets started. Don, Lily, and the nanny that actually stayed with them Suzanne, have tried all they can to help him and try to get him to do things that a normal child would do. But Adam wont even talk to his family. This book is about Adam, Lily, Don, and Suzanne's journey to find Adam happiness with the dolphins that he is so ecstatic about.

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