Seattle Queentia Charter School

"Education for all who wish to rule their own future"

Mission Statement

Seattle Queentia Charter School creates an environment in which open-mindedness, curiosity, and individual learning are promoted to all of our students. We acknowledge the individualism and personal interests of every student, and work to accommodate their needs. We offer a large variety of pathways, so that students may choose the one best suited for them and what they wish to do with their future. Our school provides challenges in every class available that will push the students to go beyond their imagined limits, and will help them find out who they really are and what they wish to do in life.

Vision Statement:

Seattle Queentia Charter School aims to be a beacon of diversity, acceptance, and opportunity for all students who wish to attend. We hope to be the top ranking high school in the Pacific Northwest, and among the top performing schools throughout the nation. We wish to create an environment in which students feel comfortable to be themselves and to pursue their personal interests.

Our Focus

The focus of Seattle Queentia Charter School is to offer various pathways in both the Arts & Humanities as well as in Science & Mathematics. We offer a wide selection of pathways, so that students may choose the one that best suits them and their personal interests. Our school wants to focus on the students and their personal futures, so that we can prepare them for the life that they choose.

Aim for Our Students

Seattle Queentia Charter School aims to prepare students for the path in life that they choose. By offering a large quantity and variety of pathways for specialization in a broad range of subjects, we ensure that our students will have all the knowledge that they need to pursue the path in life that they wish to take.

Name Origin

The name of Seattle Queentia Charter School is based on the type of school we are, a public charter school, the name of the city we are in, Seattle, and queentia is Latin for opportunity and skill which are things we hold dearly to the core of our school's foundations.
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Our Mascot is the Grizzly Bear

A grizzly bear represents our school and our student population because it embodies strength, protectiveness, is naturally good-natured, and does not actively pursue conflict. A bear is independent, and can manage on its own. We would like to embed this quality of independence into our students before they graduate, in an effort to make the students even more successful in the adult world.

School Colors

Our school colors are Carolina Blue and and Beaver Brown.

Carolina Blue was chosen to represent our school because it is the color of the expansive and boundless sky. We would like to create an environment within our school within which the students feel like there are no limits to what they can do with their education.

Beaver Brown was chosen as a school color because brown is a representation of strength and a powerful will. Additionally, the soft shade of brown emphasizes a calm and caring feeling.

Bell Schedule:

1st Block- 7:30 to 9:00 **

2nd Block - 9:10 to 10:30

3rd Block - 10:40 to 12:00

Lunch- 12:00 to 12:30

4th Block - 12:40 to 2:00

5th Block - 2:10 to 3:30

*10 minute transition time between classes

**Extra 10 minutes in first block are for announcements/news

Admission Information:

Our school accepts students on a lottery based system. A lottery is held in February that students in the Seattle School district that are in 8th grade students can enter. 500 students are accepted every year, and if any change their mind about attending, a new student will be able to attend.

Transportation Information:

Students will go to the high school that they would normally attend, and from there they will take a bus to Seattle Queentia Charter School. In the afternoon, students will take a bus to the middle school they attended the previous year or the middle school that the student's home is in the district for.

Students may walk or drive to the school if they are able to do so (parking is not provided).


7200 12th Ave NE, Seattle, Washington