Persuasive Smore

Should boys and girls be in separate classes?


I think that boys & girls shouldn't be in separate classes. Because, if is all girls there's gonna be a lot of drama and if boys are there then it will kinda calm down so there wouldn't be as much drama then usual .

Reason 1

36% of people think that they should be separated and there's 64% of people that think they shouldn't be separated in different classes. People that think they should be separated say that they should because, there's less distractions for examples boyfriends & girlfriends so they would get more concentrated and people that think that they shouldn't be separated because, boys and girls learn different and also girls learn faster than boys.

Reasons 2 - 4

Reason 5 & Counter Argument

Reason 5

I think that there's more people that think that boys & girls shouldn't be in individual classes. Because, they actually make good reasons why boys & girls shouldn't be separate.

Counter Argument

So my opinion of this topic of boys & girls being in different classes.

Is no i think that they shouldn't be separated. People who think they should I'll suggest that they should go to an all girls school or all boys school.