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Movie Night Vote

Be the deciding vote in what movie we will be viewing during RHA Week's Movie Night. Cast your vote in the link below.

General Assembly Meeting

Monday, March 16th, 8:15-9:15pm


RHA Week

As RHA Week comes closer to the horizon we are asking Community Council Members to help volunteer and organize RHA Week. We are asking that Every Community Council Member help during our Free Hugs Campaign event. Please sign up below during the times that you will be free on Wednesday the 25th between 11am - 5pm . We will be providing a Free Hugs shirt to each member. Volunteers will be meeting at the bell tower to give out "Free Hugs" and to distribute a flyer of events through the week.

  • Wednesday 25th: Free Hugs Campaign

  • Thursday 26th: Movie Night

  • Friday 27th: Silent Dance Fest

  • Saturday 28th: Basketball Tournament

Diamond Diners

Diamond Diners student food advocacy program will be meeting March 18th in the SAC between 4pm and 5pm. This panel is open to all students. All Community Councils are encouraged to attend Diamond Diners.

Sign Up Here Today.

Town Hall Forum

Tuesday March 17th, Residence Hall Association is hosting out Town Forum focused on topics such as The Gust Policy, Maintenance and Housekeeping, Campus Safety, and your on Campus Experience. The event will take place in Morgan South's Lobby between 6pm - 8pm.

School Supply Drive

The Residence Hall Association and Delta Phi Epsilon are asking for school supply donations in order to help support Tanner G. Duckrey School Elementary School on Diamond St. We are looking to have your residence collect the following school supplies over break. We will be providing collection boxes in each of the residence halls.

- Copy/Printer Paper

- Loose-Leaf Paper

- Binders

- Markers and Crayons

- Expo Markers

- Chalk

- Small White Boards

- Math Supplies

- Reading Books

- Pencils

- Pens

- Highlighters

CERT Peer Educator Position

Are you looking for a paid position on campus that gives you the opportunity to work with Temple students and staff in one-on-one and group settings?

Then CERT (Conflict Education Resource Team) may the place for you!

A CERT Peer Educator’s role is to actively assist the Temple University community in managing interpersonal and intergroup conflict in a positive manner through individual coaching sessions and group presentations.

What’s so great about being a member of CERT you ask?

-It is an on-campus paid position.

-You will be trained to learn valuable skills related to conflict and everyday communication.

-This is a great way to boost your resume for future endeavors (seriously, employers love this).

-It is fun and a great way to meet new people.

Application can be found below

If you have any questions about the job, application, or would like to meet some of your potential future co-workers please call the CERT office at 215-204-5605.

Michael Horwath's Inspirational Quote of the Week

“It takes humility to realize that we don’t know everything, not to rest on our laurels, and to know that we must keep learning and observing. If we don’t, we can be sure some startup will be there to take our place.”

- Cher Wang, HTC CEO

Executive Board, Residence Hall Association

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions. Please check our website to see our Office Hours.