T & L Calf Huts

The Healthier the calves the better cows you have

T & L Calf Huts

T & L Calf Huts redid the calf hut and made it better. We added a heater, fan, and atomatic feeder. Everything on the calf hut is powered by a solor panel on the top of the hut. It also has a 5 by 4 fence in the front of the hut. It is insulated and has a flap for the door to keep the heat and cold air in. It takes less time to take care of the calves. If you get this calf hut your calves will be healthier. The origanal inventor of the calf hut is Kevin Connot. It is more economical because the farmer can be spending more time in the field instead of taking care of his calves because the hut does all the work for the farmer. 

Extra info

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T&L Open House

Thursday, Feb. 28th 2013 at 7:30am-6:30pm

1800 Vevey, Switzerland

Vevey, VD

The T&L open house lets you see how we make the calf huts and where. You can get a free tour and stay all day. We serve biscuts and gravy for lunch and smoked briscuts for supper. We also give ice cream for a little treat. You can also enter your name to win a free calf hut. If you dont want the calf hut we will give you a free ipad for your prize and draw someone elses name for the calf hut.