How baby's learn

By, Gracie

Learning Through Cause And Effect

Learning through cause an effect is a relationship between events in which one event, the effect, is caused by another event.
Examples of cause an effect within a baby.

  • Infants learn that they can get their needs met by crying.
  • They learn that by letting go of a toy will cause it to fall.
  • Babies learn that other behaviors bring frowning or other unwanted behaviors from adults.

Learning through imitation

As children grow, they watch the behavior of important adults in their lives an then imitate those actions. Parents and caregivers should model desirable behaviors such as kindness and patience. To model a behavior means to teach it through example.
Sending clear messages

  • Babies develope better social behaviors if they get more positive responses than negative responses .
  • Smiling while expressing love or approval sends a clear message.
  • Provide consistent responses to help a baby understand what behaviors are desirable.

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